It seemed like spring had sprung, and then …. was anyone else looking for hot chocolate and digging out a winter coat yesterday? Yes, me too!

Spring makes me think of golf and the other day I was reminiscing about when our oldest was on the golf team. (OK, I DO know that golf was a fall sport in school, people, but my brain is wired a little differently and associations just bounce around with no seasonal boundaries, so you will have to go along with this.)

We would try to walk a few matches (meets? games?) with her, but especially would make the effort for the big ones at the end leading up to State.

I remember one particularly long day of following her around and, as much as I loved watching her, I was tired and ready to head home. The stats on the length of the last hole looked promising, a very short distance from tee to green.

Until I saw it.

What the course info failed to include was that the height from tee to hole was rather steep; over a ravine with a high retaining wall. I sat watching as ball after ball hit smack into this barrier and dropped down in to the water below.

It was probably only a few shots, but after a long day of walking around in silence (agony for me), watching golfers, I was starting to panic. Fear rose in me as I pictured the sun setting and …. do they even have lights for night golf??? Her frustration grew, and my heart rate climbed.

As I was starting to hyperventilate, that still small voice whispered, “She will get it. Eventually, there will be the lift of air needed under the ball and it will carry to the hole.”
And sure enough, there weren’t too many more painful encounters with the wall and she was on the green.

Did I mention she was in high school? And can you imagine that those words had more to do with life than golf?

As I walked away from #18, I sensed the Lord telling me:

“She, her siblings, you….pretty much everyone….is going to hit seasons where you just keep smacking into the wall.

But eventually, I will come, and I will lift her, them, you…whoever….up and over. Oh, you all may be a little worse for the wear, a little scuffed up, or a lot scuffed up. And by the way, the lift of my Spirit will come quicker with cooperation….but either way, I will lift My people up to where they need to be. I AM FAITHFUL!”

I have thought of that conversation with the Lord many a time over the years. He was right about all of us. I’ve hit a few walls myself once or twice or 100 times since then, before we got it in sync, the Lord and me. I have watched as people I love have done the same.

Are you or a loved one hitting a wall, needing the lift of God to make it over? Keep praying, keep believing, keep trusting. He is faithful <3

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