Friday …. post therapy and pre nap <3


Happy Friday to you! 

The sun is shining here in the Midwest and that makes for a cheerful day even if the temperature is quite cold. 

I had my first physical therapy today on the leg and all went well. Our calendar for the next few weeks is dotted with appointments for the shoulder and the knee. The therapist was pleased with the minimal signs of swelling and the mobility I have at this early stage and I am thankful for the prayers of family and friends plus the attentive care of my better half. We are on the road to recovery. Hallelujah!

I want to share a quick thought from my morning devotions and then plan to rest a bit. 

You know I am a cheerleader for reading through the Bible. Daily Bible intake is the main thing, and there are numerous ways to do that, but the annual read through is a discipline I can follow and stick with. 

Whatever plan or method you use, I know you will find God speaking to you through His word and one of the delights is making little notes in the margins. 

This morning  I was reading in Exodus and I found where I had penned the date 4/12/13 and made two notes. One was Russ’s name and a situation he was facing at work and one was for a health problem for one of our children. 

The passage was from chapter 14, verse 13 and reads, “Don’t be afraid. Stand firm and watch God do his work of salvation for you today. Take a good look at the Egyptians today for you’re never going to see them again.” 

Obviously this wasn’t an annual read through in 2013, but perhaps the text for a morning devotion. 

I looked at the issues I equated with our “Egyptian chariots” pursuing us that day with the intent to take us down and either destroy or enslave us and you know what? Both of the issues are gone. We don’t see either one of them anymore. 

That day in April of 2013, I took God at His word and while I know both of the circumstances took a little longer to work through, I know it was God who worked. I do know I looked to God and trusted in Him for both.

 I know that I was as helpless and without power to save us just as the Israelites were that day on the banks of the Jordan. I can remember the pressure now looking back, and I am not sure when exactly both of these things went away, but I know we see them no more. 

God worked in both settings and we were delivered. 

Right there in the account of God’s faithfulness to His people as they fled from Pharoah is the reminder of His salvation to our family in two settings that were overwhelming at the time. 

I can’t urge you enough to use your Bible as a place to meet God and learn about His activity in history and apply it to your life. Then go back and review it and be reminded of His faithfulness. 

Whatever you are facing today, the same applies…Don’t be afraid. Stand firm. Watch what God will do. Take a good look at what is threatening to undo you because there will be coming a time when you will see this threat no more. 

He is faithful. 

He will come through for you. 

Be blessed to know and believe your deliverer is near. 

Blessings on you

Laura <3

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