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Progress report <3


A quick note to say thanks for any prayers you threw up for me and the texts and check in’s. The surgery went well and I am on the road to recovery. I have the most excellent nurse on the planet, although he did ask me this morning if there was any senior adult day care centers in town….hmmmmm….wonder what he would need the info for? 

Using the crutches has kind of stirred up the shoulder pain which affects typing so this will be short. 

Today I am thanking God for a peaceful day yesterday in our nation and my prayers continue for that. I am thankful for the care I received and I am very mindful that not everyone has access to it. I am thankful for the love and support of family and friends and I am mindful that not everyone has that as a resource on the journey. 

I am humbled today and so very grateful. But I think of those who do not have what I have and I am driven to cry out to God for His help for us all. 

I woke early this morning praying for many things and then I did my devotions and this beautiful prayer was the subject. When we stumble for words to pray for others, the prayer in Ephesians 3:14-19 is a great go-to. The prayer can be prayed word for word or be the springboard for more personalized prayer. 

I leave you with my version and I pray it over you and yours <3

As I kneel (in heart, not body because…you know…the knee thing) before You, oh Father God, from whom every single family on planet earth derives its name since You have created us all in Your image, I pray You would strengthen each one of us with power through Your Spirit in our inmost being.

You have a never ending supply of resources and so I pray You would pour them out in abundance over all of us and our families and our circumstances.

I pray that through this out-pouring, Christ will dwell in our hearts through a growing faith and awareness of HIm.

I pray for us and all those we hold dear to be rooted, grounded, and firmly planted in Your love.

I pray that we would be joined together with the entire Body of Christ in gaining understanding in just exactly how enormous in all dimensions the love of Christ is. His love is high, deep, wide and long for us. We are so thankful.

I pray that this understanding would surpass our knowledge and I pray that You, God, would fill each and every one of us up with full measure of Your glorious fullness and completeness.

I ask in Jesus’ most precious Name. 

based on Ephesians 3:14-19

So be it


Now go out there and shine. You are the light of the world and you carry the hope of tomorrow. Speak life. Live full of His goodness and mercy and truth. 



And could someone text Russ and tell him I need more coffee…LOL

Just kidding, the man is a saint but I think he was serious about finding me a senior center….

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