Friday Randoms <3

Happy Friday!

Have we had a random day recently?

Well, whether we have or haven’t we are having one today because…in no particular order….

<3 I am behind getting this little collection of thoughts on the blog this morning because I am doing a wonderful study and I was half a page away from finishing this morning so I could watch the video so I did take the time for it and so thankful I did…

If you don’t have time to attend a Bible study, may I suggest you take advantage of this one by Kelly Minter called All Things New that is being offered FOR FREE on the Lifeway site.

You do need to purchase a work book – but Lifeway is offering the video sessions free through the first part of December. It is a wonderful study of 2 Corinthians and Kelly is so personable and transparent. While geared toward women, I can assure you this is a good one for men and women!

<3 I took advantage of a free afternoon on Monday and hung out with this crew….

and can I say…they crack me up constantly.

I have several shots and Rachel’s face remains unchanged in all and yet the party going on around here changes with every frame…busy, busy, busy….

and then there is this one…

and no…I didn’t make the hat…but yes…Von Maur saw Papi and me coming when they set that little creation on the shelf a few weeks ago.

<3 In keeping with the family theme, we took Tuesday off to spend some time with this gem…

and it was good for the heart to just get to work alongside her in her yard and enjoy some of her delicious homemade soup.

She and her dad continued a tradition he started many years ago when we moved into one of our houses. We purchased it in the fall and so he took the kids over and helped them plant tulip and daffodil bulbs.

When spring came and those little green shoots came up, we were reminded of how far we had come in making the transition.

It will be her first spring in her new home and I may be already anticipating the morning she steps out and sees those new signs of life and sends us a picture …. and I may have just one or two tears seeping out of these weepy eyes already.

<3 I am painfully aware I have no picture of Zach nor John in this montage…but have no worries…I will more than make up for that absence when we are all together next weekend for someone’s second birthday-palooza….

So that’s a wrap for this week…

hope you have a great weekend doing things you love with people you love <3

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