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If you didn’t read yesterday’s post, I shared a little about my struggle with letting go of material things because of the attached memories they hold. 

I also promised to share a little something I have added that is helping me store up heavenly treasures. 

Before I get to that, I do want to give out a warning about the abundance of material available each and every day on which we can feed our spirit. 

Recently I saw a sponsored post on Instagram written by a woman in her late 50’s who is an influencer with a large following. Her writing that day was on practical ways to maximize health in this stage of life. 

I liked how she promoted embracing the smile lines and wrinkles we have gained and yet living life fully even as our bodies are changing with the years. 

However, as I read more of what she writes I began to detect a different source that fuels her writing.

Red flags like getting energy from the Universe and looking for guidance from within the core of self…stand in stark contrast to my belief in a Sovereign God who created the universe and me and who stooped down to my level to bring me into relationship with Him through His Son. 

I am sure my beliefs seem as strange to her as hers do to me, and I still check in on her because her words appeal to many thousands of followers…and I want to make sure I am as confident and bold as she when I declare the truth that I live by. 

Because when it all comes down to our individual ends and the universal end of time…her god will die with her…mine died for me so that I would live with Him forever. 

Big difference. 

So with that in mind, I urge you to spend your time and mental energy reading things that lead you closer to this amazing God who made you and loves you and desires you to know Him more intimately.

Even Christian based authors can begin to stray so make sure what you are studying lines up with Scripture.

Don’t let humans spoon feed you…get your Bible out and STUDY it…for yourself…but there are some good resources to get you jumpstarted.

And here is one I am using lately <3


My friend Lisa Wagner has put together another great resource to use as a mini-study this fall. 

Here is a highlight of what you get (this one is free, although she should be charging for all the work she has put into this):

  • <3 A printout calendar with each days verse 

  • <3 A printout worksheet that is easy to use and allows you to dissect and study the verse in depth in your own way to enhance understanding

  • <3 A daily email with a very short video that provides a couple of easy to understand teaching points from her research of the passage. 

  • <3 The freedom to work at your own pace as you can go back to the videos anytime

  • <3 A private Facebook community of others who seek to memorize and apply Scripture

Here is the link for signing up   https://thewarriorshe.lpages.co/psalm-34-living-out-the-word/?fbclid=IwAR3MB24eUjw2-4LZpRSkQjwZTSlh94fbnx67Wk1hIds06ZZ2IyLaRnJUNWE


And here is something I have learned and applied from the study that is transforming me.

The first few verses of Psalm 34 talk about boasting in the Lord and magnifying Him. 

Through Lisa’s instruction and my own digging into those words, I have been doing a better job of training my mind throughout the day.

I have a tendency to focus on my own limitations and situations. I think on those things and they start getting bigger and bigger and I get discouraged. This usually leads to all kinds of negativity and I become even more unproductive. 

Realizing that David’s psalm about bragging on God and just saying out loud or in my head all the amazing things He has done in the past and is doing now has been turning things around for me.

One of my favorite tidbits came from Day 4 video regarding the line about God delivering David from all his fears. 

Lisa points out God didn’t deliver David from his circumstances …not from his problems… he delivered him from his FEARS. 


She says “Fear is faith facing backwards”


I never thought of it this way … as she explains it, fear is believing something will happen for which you currently have no concrete evidence.

Wow…just like faith, right? But the direct and defeating opposite…

Faith, as Lisa pointed out in her video,  believes in God who has proved Himself over and over and over and over and over again to me…every time. 

This is just a small sample of the nuggets of truth I am gaining daily from this study. 

So…check it out….and if you are a guy…don’t by shy…truth is truth for men and for women…so even if it looks girly and is called the Warrior SHE…just switch it up in your mind and think of it as a Warrior(iS)he…hope you don’t mind Lisa…but this is too good not to share with fellows too! 

Here is the link again…picture it flashing at you in neon…and give it a whirl…


Blessings all and I will see you tomorrow <3

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