Got that Friday feeling….<3


We are heading into a ten day stretch of Arctic Blast and I am not talking about the tasty icy drink we long for in summer at the drive through…

Therapy for knee this morning ate up my time to make it there and get to work so here are some photos from my phone that represent the week…and speaking of photos, I am delighted to say that I figured out how to save all the ones that are taking up 85% of the available space of my new computer onto an external hard drive.

Thank you AppleCare lady for bailing me out yet again.

So here we go…just for fun:

A friend gifted me this Prayer Plant for my birthday and I love it so much.

And miracle of miracles it seems to love us back.

It has been growing so well and the reason they call it a prayer plant is the leaves fold up in the evening and unfold in the day…sigh…how perfect is that?

How’s that for random??? My cousin posted this week to share a throw back picture. I grabbed a photo album that is starting to disintegrate with age and found these two kids.


We had started dating a few months before and would be engaged a few months after…and I thank the good Lord this fellow decided I was worth his time because he sure has been a keeper <3

FYI..that really was my hair color.

Proof that even though the years have forced me to enhance those strands away from dishwater blonde…I am truly and deeply blonde to the core.

And finally….

These four.

Miss Thing has started dance class so the band of brothers packed up and went to the studio and watched her like she was the Cubs playing the World Series and gave her thumbs up every time she sashayed by the glass observation window.

I told them they deserved a treat and the place was empty so for the first time in a year we got to sit at a table and it was wonderful.

Have a safe weekend

You are loved.

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