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Monday and a little reflection on bowls…Super and fruit variety <3


We kind of half watched the Super Bowl, half worked on a puzzle or various other little projects we each had going. 

Per usual the past few years, I was taken aback by choices made on commercials during what is touted as a great time to gather with family and friends around the T.V. 

Granted we can’t gather with friends that much, but even more reason to maybe eliminate gruesome and frightening movie trailers when little eyes are sitting next to us on the couch munching on all manner of snack food. 

So when some gentle music played and a narrator started telling about a little chapel that sits in the dead center of these sorely-in-need-of-healing United States, my ears perked up.

Sponsored by Jeep and featuring Bruce Springsteen, it was kind and non-political and most welcome; not only in the middle of a fairly one-sided football game, but on the heels of one of the roughest years, for everyone I know and people I don’t know and personally, of all the decades I have inhabited planet Earth. 

It wasn’t about patriotism or parties or causes. 

It was about the need to come back to the center of what our souls need. 

We need healing. 

In my journal I have taken notes from a sermon I listened to from January 4th given by Chris Otts at Antioch ATX in Austin, Texas. 

He talked about how not much changed when we flipped the calendar from 2020 to 2021. But he urged us to remember that while circumstances we would like to see go away have remained, we do have a choice to make a shift in our own spirit. 

His teaching was based on Proverbs 18:21. 

The tongue has the power of life and death

and those who love it will eat its fruit. 

Proverbs 18:21

Do you love life? 

Then feed on the things of life. 

Feed your soul on words of hope and truth and what God has to say about you and your circumstances. 

If we say we love life and yet we feed our soul on the negative, snarky, polarizing words of men and women who are just dust and will pass away, just like we will some day…if we give them the power of feeding our souls…then we are eating fruit of death. 

And death is what we will think, feel, speak.

So if you love life and you love God and you love what is pure, holy, true and righteous…choose wisely today how you feed your soul. 

Choose wisely the words you use in speaking to yourself and to your family and to others. 

This week we will look at some fruit of life that we can feed on so that our thoughts and words are full of life and hope. 

Blessings and happy Monday!

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