Growing pains

No pictures…my camera is back home with a few dozen pictures that capture a whirlwind weekend of trick or treating and a sleepover with two little whirling dervishes that completely wore Papi and Lola out….and was soooooo much fun.

The only rough part was a bout of growing pains in Graham’s legs that woke him up in the night. “Rub my wegs, Wowah”, he cried. And I did. I remember those pains in my own legs and those of our children. Such a strange feeling as you can almost feel the bones just stretching inside of you.

This morning, I am hurriedly typing this in the little motel we stay in while visiting Russ’s parents.

As we were chasing our grandsons around Saturday morning, we got a call that Russ’s dad had been admitted to the hospital for tests. Things sounded a bit serious, so while we herded boys, we made plans for a quick trip to check in with them 8 hours away.

We weren’t sure how he would be, ┬ábut were relieved to see him eating his dinner and watching football with the remote close at hand. He is doing better than we feared, but prayers appreciated as tests continue today.

Stretched between generations, we feel a new kind of growing pains. As we navigate between grandchildren, adult children, our own aging and aging parents; we often cry out in the night…this time asking Jesus to apply His healing hand to our hearts.

As many say, getting older is not for sissy’s…growing up is hard. There are so many blessings, but there is pain…the beautiful mixture of joy and sorrow that draw us closer and closer to Christ; who understands…comforts….sustains… and holds us now and forever.

God bless each of you today in whatever life has brought your way <3


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