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Bending the law….

I spent yesterday with these two characters.


Sorry for the picture quality, but they are NEVER still…


at the same time….



Unless doing something dangerous is involved….


Which brings me to the law part of this…

Graham and I got a lecture from the Boss before she left for work.

It seems he hasn’t been listening very well, so the deal was…when she walked out the door, he had the promise of 6 books when bed time rolled around. One would be taken away for each infraction of the “listen on the first time” rule.

I had a baaaaaad feeling about the potential for success of him maintaining these. He usually gets 5, so I figured, since she built in a loophole, it was not looking good that we were going to make it through the afternoon without some kind of penalty involved.

He made it through nap time…and quite a bit of play time….before he tested the waters.

When I had to remind him about his parents’ preference that he not walk on the couch, he promptly stood up on the pillows and headed toward me.

Wow…ok…I met his challenge and informed him he was down to 5 books.

He seemed to take it in stride, which seemed odd until he turned around….did the same exact thing and then looked right at me and asked how many books he was down to now!!!!

I asked how many books HE thought he was down to…Four….well, at least he’s good at math….

And from there he was a perfect angel until mommy returned.

And here is what I think…I think he is a lot like his Lola.

It was worth losing a couple of books to see if Lola would follow through. Perhaps he thought I would be lenient and he could get away with a few things and still get his six books.

Oh wow…I do that with God…I KNOW what His Word says about things. I KNOW there are consequences for my sin. But sometimes, I have gambled on His unconditional love and His kindness and His mercy.

But make no mistake, while He IS loving and kind and merciful, He IS JUST. He will not …. WILL NOT….tolerate sin and disobedience in me.

Because in Truth…that IS LOVE, KINDNESS and MERCY at the highest level.

God bless you all as you move in GRACE <3

And, PLEASE, don’t stand on the furniture!


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