Half full….half empty….or….

Happy Friday!

Next week I am THINKING OF…or at least plan to…share a few things I have learned to ease some of my Christmas preparation angst.

But to end the week, I got a comment on yesterday’s post from a sweet friend who said she has always been a glass half empty gal and had learned from her husband to at least try to be a glass half full one.

And I laugh a bit because, I have neither a glass half empty nor a glass half full perspective on life.

Here is what I think when I hear that phrase….

 Wait…is this a trick question?  

And I start imagining a glass and taking into consideration the diameter at the top and then the bottom so as to account for the exact amount the glass could hold.

Do you mean the halfway mark up the outside of the glass, or the actual liquid content inside the glass?

Because these things matter.

I don’t want to get the answer wrong.

So while the rest of the world is actually talking about being optimistic or pessimistic…I am paralyzed by perfectionism and a fear of getting the answer marked wrong.

Overthink much?

Oh yes.

I wear myself out with wondering what is in the glass, are there fingerprints on the sides and lipstick stains around the rim, and why are you asking me….was I supposed to fill it full or drink it or what????

So while you all go on your uncomplicated way with your glass half full or half empty, I will be carefully measuring mine out into two separate bowls so that I can give an accurate answer.

At least I can laugh at myself…

have a great weekend and I will see you on Monday <3


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  1. I heard someone say recently …. “it doesn’t matter, what IS important is that the glass is refillable.”

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