Happy May Day <3


Happy May Day!

In honor of May Day consider yourself the recipient of one of my favorite childhood traditions. 

I just hung a handmade construction paper cone with either a paper handle stapled on or a pipe cleaner twisted through holes punched in the side. 

It is randomly stuffed with some dandelions or violets or, if you are lucky, some lilac stems my mom cut off the shrubs for me to use. 

I rang the doorbell..and then I ran and hid and watched you open your door and find it. 

I may have written my name on it with crayon too…because, you know me…I do like to get credit for the good stuff…

And if it made you smile and feel loved, mission accomplished. 

Now go and do likewise. 

Spread some love today. 

It doesn’t have to be fancy or perfect. 

Just you. 

Showing up the way God made you…with your crayons and your wildflowers and your ego. 


Imperfect, flawed…wonderful you…just showing up in the lives of those you love and risking how you are received…

love well today, because you are well loved <3

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