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On Sunday afternoon Russ and I decided to take in a movie so we went to see Breakthrough

Many of our friends have recommended and we both enjoyed it. 

I am still mulling it over, of course, because..it’s what I do, as we all know.

So whether you have seen it or not, here are a few of my takeaway’s as a believer. 

#1. There were so many levels of relational issues with families and kiddos that were not glossed over. 

The tensions we dance through as our children begin to enter the teen years and that fine line between parenting well and keeping the lines of communication open were exemplified through the efforts of the mom to continue to show love and care as her son shut her out.

It also showed the learning process we go through as we know we have to let go of our “babies” and figure out how to move into the next phase of their lives.

Also through various scenes and dialogue, you could see the way this season can put strain on a marriage as each parent continues to grow in an autonomous relationship with the child while attempting to hold to the marriage covenant and have a unified front. 

There is a raw refining that takes place as a husband and wife find new levels of saying the hard things to their child and to each other. 

Not easy. 

#2. In the fellowship of believers, we sometimes ask one another how people go through difficult circumstances without the Lord. 

We usually say this when we, ourselves, are passing through a particularly painful trial.

We look around us at others we know who are going through things without the prayers, love and support of a church family and no hope of the tangible touch of Christ in a mind-numbing situation and we don’t mean it as holier than thou…we really are concerned for anyone who is facing troubles alone. 

Because truth is, even as we wade through deep waters and pass through fire, it is a breath by breath existence as we lean hard into God and ask Him why and cry and pray and dissolve and rise again.

Over and over.

The movie shows what should happen when we face the roughest of times by taking hold of God even when we don’t understand what He is up to.

One of my favorite scenes was both uncomfortably and poignantly familiar, regarding an aspect of faith-based living that might be overlooked by us and yet is probably our greatest testimony as to the power of God. 

Because while it was incredibly amazing that the mom prayed and the miracle happened and the music swelled and the medical team was stunned, there is something bigger that God does for believers when we go through trials.

It was on the roof when the broken down and weary woman came face to face with her pride that God did what He does best. 




The characters portrayed all had flaws…just like every single person in the world does. 

Good traits, bad traits, strengths and weaknesses…just human beings making their way through the ordinary and extraordinary of life on planet earth. 

But yielded to God, we become different and better and more conformed to the image of His Son.

#3. Finally, I also appreciated the acknowledgment that as believers we struggle with rejoicing when God does a wonderful thing for someone else, but not us. 

Though I have not incurred the shocking and unexpected loss of life of one in my immediate family, I have suffered losses that I prayed would not happen. 

And I have watched as God seemed to answer quickly and miraculously for others what did not come to us. 

Watching the guilt and pain and mocking that comes from NOT rejoicing with others played out on the screen, was a stark reminder to me of why God asks me to have a big heart for everyone. 

To live humbly in the blessings that are more evident in my life…to surrender in the blessings that come in the form of trials…to comfort those who mourn and rejoice with those who celebrate. 

This is what sets us apart and makes us different. 

Our salvation was one and done. 

Our sanctification is a day by day…hour by hour…event by event…process as we yield to the work of the Holy Spirit in us. 

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  1. Thank you for your input. I do believe the roof scene shows us how pride can come into our lives.

    1. Yes Pat <3
      I have found in the midst of the most difficult trials as I cry out to God, it turns out He had a work to do IN ME...and yes...pride is usually the root of what He is after <3

  2. I saw this last night and loved it loved reading your review! At times I wanted to stand up and raise my hands! Very r emotional and thought provoking

    1. I was surprised at the level of human conditions they covered. I certainly could relate to the rough refining that comes in the midst of trying to work through a difficult season – how God reveals so much in us all through the trials of our lives and those of others <3

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