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Happy May Day <3


Happy May Day!

While I do love the big holidays, there is a charm to some of the simpler ones and May Day would be one of those. 

As a child, my mom would hand me a stack of construction paper and a handful of pipe cleaners. With scotch tape flowing from the ceramic yellow dispenser on her desk that now sits on my desk, I would fashion cones and then fill them with any flowers our yard had to offer on the morning of May 1. 

Dandelions and violets were typically the fleur de jour…and then it was delivery time. 

Running up to a porch, hanging it on the door handle or laying it on the steps, ring the bell and run. 

In this complicated world of May 1, 2020, my heart is filled with some aching nostalgia for simpler childhoods for all children. 

And for us. 

So in your heart today, imagine that I just rang your bell and dropped off some hand crafted, slightly messy love. 

If I have learned anything during this season, besides how to make a mask out of a bandana and two rubber bands, it is that my life has been richly blessed to know and love and be known and loved by so many wonderful people. 

You are my richest treasure here on earth. 

Be blessed. 

Remember you are loved <3

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