Happy May Day!


Consider these, tucked in a paper cone complete with a pipe cleaner handle and placed on your front door this morning. The bell rang and I scooted away as fast as I could. If wishes had wings, I would have delivered one to each and every one of you.

With the first of the month, I usually would be sharing a book review but we had a full weekend and Monday is a bit jam packed. Plus I am only 30 pages away from finishing my third book for May so I am squeaking that in today.

I hope you will come back tomorrow and check out my reviews, but for today here is a slice of life in a photo journal for you <3

On Friday morning, I baked a new gluten-free brownie recipe. It called for an 8×8 pan. It was wrong. I felt like I should put in a bigger pan, but …. hurrying and new recipe so I went with it.

The result was this mess plus the goo baked to the oven bottom that I had to clean up. sigh.

I was making these to celebrate our Sarah’s birthday. She and her friend Alisha signed up to run with Russ in the Christy Clinic 5K Friday night.

I held the bags, documented the festivities, cheered them across the finish line and wept and laughed at how proud I was of them all. They all finished in good time, no one had to walk any of it and they were adorable.

When we got home around 10:00, they feasted on deli chicken and cheese and crackers – depending on dietary needs and then we celebrated with the…brownie fiasco.

In Sarah’s words, it had deteriorated in appearance even more and who would have thought that was possible. We laughed hard and it actually tasted pretty good. So there you go. Judge not by outward appearance.

The next day was a whirlwind of ball games all over central Illinois plus a recital that evening.

Here is one of Emmett. He had a great day of two soccer games down this one and a ball game up north in the afternoon.

Joel also had soccer and then a ball game, and I never got a pic of him so here he is from last week after he built a fort at the children’s museum.

After we cleaned up our ball players and Graham, we scurried to the venue for Caroline’s recital where we met up with the other grandparents and a great grandma.

pc Rachel <3

Caroline’s poses in the pictures were on “pointe” and we all got a kick out of her. The show was the Wizard of Oz and it was soooo good.

I got to sit by this little dude and since his face was hidden by the catcher mask above…here he is.

Daddy had his debut role in the show as a flying monkey…

which tickled all of us, but absolutely thrilled our little Dorothy.

Graham became the one to hold the coats and purses…

which was my grandma’s line at any place we visited where she wanted to sit out the activity. I inherited it and used it for the 5K and I am so proud to see the legacy continue.

Sunday we headed over to the local soccer fields after church to watch Graham play his games. It was absolutely the worst display of weather for outdoor sports. The wind was blowing so hard, the clouds forbid the sun to provide any warmth and just when we thought we had hit rock bottom, it started to rain.

Three times.

Aww….spring sports…you are always an adventure.

This pretty much sums up how we felt…

It was a banner weekend and one from which we will hopefully recover, but not today because…miles to go <3

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