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Thursday thought <3


I have already been out and about running a couple of errands. 

As I was driving, I had various thoughts and prayers running through my mind. It was a mix of being so thankful for the many good things God is doing and then asking for healing and help where not so good things have happened. 

Being a solid Enneagram 4, I tend to feel all the feelings for everyone around me. I carry a lot of emotions and sometimes the painful things that have happened in the past or are currently being walked through, can bring me to tears. In fairness, I am also often moved to tears as I reflect on genuine kindnesses extended to the people I love. 

It occurred to me, as I asked for a forgiving heart for some past woundings to various members of our circle and then rejoiced in the way people have shown love and care for these same precious ones, how God must feel at times the way we treat each other. 

How it must bless and delight Him when we treat His children with love and care and respect and how it must break His heart when we don’t. 

We are promised the Holy Spirit to help us be loving and kind and yes, sometimes love is tough and refining, but it should always be seasoned with grace and mercy because that is how He loves us.

When we talk about the “children of God” the Scripture is clear:

Yet to all who received him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to come children of God…

John 1: 12

But He has also reminded us that He came to seek and save the lost, so that they would become children of God and even for our enemies we are instructed to “love our enemies and pray for those who persecute you that you may be sons of your Father in Heaven.” Matthew 5:44

That pretty much covers it…God’s children through faith in Christ, the lost who have not yet received Him and the enemies who are intent on hurting us. As you move through the day, and I will be attempting the same, pray for the Holy Spirit to help you to love as you are a beloved child of God.


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