Happy St. Patrick’s Day <3

Ten reasons I love this holiday:

  1. Irish accents are the best
  2. After a long gray winter…come on…who doesn’t welcome all the green
  3. Irish music has the easiest beat to clap along with or tap your foot to and it makes you feel like you actually could do the River Dance thing and look good
  4. My mom used to put green food coloring in everything from milk to mashed potatoes and the memory of it still makes me smile
  5. Same mom would always make either a shamrock cake or iced sugar cookies with green sprinkles.
  6. You don’t really have to decorate or buy gifts and yet you get all the holiday feels
  7. St. Patrick supposedly “drove the snakes out of Ireland”…which actually they never had snakes. So either way…win win for me. Go Irish!
  8. Notre Dame. Attend one football game there and trust me…you will be part Irish forever
  9. Irish people don’t mind sharing their heritage with the world and I think that’s kind of sweet
  10. Shamrocks are a delightful plant and the whole Trinity thing where it’s three leaves on one stem…love love love <3

And while some people have turned it into kind of a negative thing…it’s just fun and fun is good in the right perspective.

So go put some green food coloring in something and put an O’ in front of your name.

Watch a parade, eat a sugar cookie…and look for a pot of gold….and I will see you on O’Monday <3

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  1. Ok! This O’Riley crew is getting ready to see Cole Swindell (actually Adam Cunningham )

    1. AWWWW …. looks like you were in good company…lots of FCC love extended to Adam that evening <3

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