Having a moment here….


You will have to forgive me. I am having a moment as I type this.

Russ had a church meeting last night and had to leave the house at 5:00. I had a couple of things I wanted from the grocery and I didn’t want to be alone at home with my whirling thoughts so I decided to make a quick run to the store. 

I was heading down towards the main road and was slowing for a stop sign when something in the on-coming car caught my eye. 

As they passed, the passenger turned towards the driver and the sun caught a bright reflection in his glasses. Since I was slowing to stop, and they were slowly accelerating from their stop, I had a brief moment to see a boy about the age of our Graham. 

He was grinning and his mouth was full of those adult teeth that need time for the rest of him to grow into. Something big had happened and he was animatedly and happily turned toward the driver telling his story. 

Suddenly I was awash in emotion. 

I remember our own kids yakking away in the front seat and later, in their teen years, a bit quieter but still how we loved our windshield time. As I drove, I remembered what it feels like to have a little boy sitting shot gun, yapping away about something that had happened. 

It wasn’t that long ago, and yet it was. A lifetime of events have passed since I was driving a car load of little Reimers around town listening to them talk or carpooling a whole gaggle of their friends. 

I thought of our gregarious foursome of grandchildren who make sure they use up their quota of words every, single. day.  And then, tend to borrow words from anyone who hasn’t taken up the charge and used the 20,000 they had available.

So many words, and sometimes they go on and on and step over each other and crowd out any chance of us finishing a thought let alone a sentence. 

But seeing that little guy tonight reminded me…the years have wings and our seasons are so short in the grand scheme of things. Those faces turned toward us, spilling out the thoughts and perceptions and experiences are golden moments. 

I drove on, wiping tears from my eyes and thanking God for the years I have been given with our own three and now four more. We are nearing the brink where our first grandson will become that teen that we hope to pry some conversation out of and I sense that these are treasures that will not rust and moths cannot destroy. 

They are worth the blood, sweat and tears of building relationship that continues to communicate through all the seasons of your child and grandchild’s lives <3

As much as I wanted to tuck the memories tight inside me and mourn the passing of time, I opened up my heart as wide as I could and just thanked God as I released the gift of them to Him as an offering and praise. 

With hands and heart opened up, and heart poured out, there is a posture where I can receive the blessings of the coming season as well.

Thanks for stopping by.

Thanks for listening <3

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