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Here Comes the Sun <3

Happy May Day to you!

Did you do that when you were kids? Fashion a cone out of construction paper and fill it with dandelions and violets and hang it on a friend’s door?

Oh I hope you did…a tradition that we could well use on this sunny day here in the Midwest.

Because the sun did come back to kiss us on this Monday morning…after three long days of..




As we drove past the overflow of too much water I thought how sometimes life floods us with so much…

so much good sometimes and sometimes so much not so good.

I thought how we can swell over our banks of capacity with sorrow and grief and loss and yet our God promises to be overflowing with His outpouring of love and blessing.

Whatever fills us too much, that does spill over…doesn’t it?

And we don’t seem to get to choose all the time what will pour down on us.

But we do choose to what or to whom we will cling when we are overwhelmed.

So this morning I sat with coffee and the sweet blessing of sun shining over our table and over God’s Word….

and I see the winds are blowing not so gently outside the window as the trees and plants dance…

and I know that HE is causing the waters to recede even as He continues to usher in a new season.

As I studied and revisited a favorite Psalm…number 16…

I wrote this prayer and I pray now by sharing it will bless you <3

 Heavenly Father, As I read the words of the Psalms, I will pen my prayers.

The sun comes through the window, bright on the pages after a weekend of down pouring rain.

Shine on us, LORD. Shine in us today.

Psalm 16:6 – the promise from You to me – For the Lord has established the boundaries of my life and they fall, always, in pleasant places. Most assuredly I have, in Him, a delightful inheritance.  

I will bless YOU, Lord. You counsel me wisely. You hold me together and I live and breathe and move in the shelter of Your love and approval.

I do rest in Hope-in-the-Lord for you have kept a flicker of HOPE alive. Your gentleness breathes over the ashes and lovingly seeks out buried embers.

Warmth begins to glow from what appeared to be stone cold gray powder – life from death. Joy rises from what seemed dead and hopeless and drowned forever.

First a flicker and then a flame. Hope rises up and spreads warm and glowing. And there is a light.


Light for a new day.

Light for a new season.

For Light always, always, always overcomes darkness <3

Be blessed today dear ones…He is breathing His Life into you…overflowing love from His heart to ours that we might spill over rivers of living water as we ….

you and I ….


journey onward <3

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