It’s the little things

Just a quick hello to you today.

I don’t know who might stop by and there are actually at least four people who will notice I didn’t post…so on a busy Tuesday here’s a quick note.

After our big 5K endeavor weekend before last, I kind of bailed on exercise class. Old knees and all, you know…

So this morning, I went back and it was partner workout. The theme is “Better Together” and how we need the companionship of others, both for encouragement AND accountability, along the journey.

The lady I partnered with certainly embodied the message.

As we were doing “high five planks” or as I like to call it…defying gravity…my partner noticed on our third go-round that I was starting to falter.

So she spoke to me in just the way I needed…not too peppy….it is v.e.r.y. early in the morning, mind you….

just a simple…”Come on Laura, we’re almost done. You are doing great. Just one more. Just one more. Just one more.”

I prayed two prayers as I was leaving.

One that this natural born coach would be blessed with encouragement in like kind as she had given.

And second, that God would grace me with the ability to encourage as I had been encouraged.

I don’t know what you are facing today, but you can to it.

You are doing great.

Keep going.

You’ve got this.

Just one more step.

One more.

One more.

May the Lord bless us to be encouraged and to be encouragers <3


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