How we learn <3

If any of you are list makers, you will appreciate that I upped my motivational game on Monday and put boxes next to my task lists on the calendar. 

In ink. 

Which means at the end of the day, it is glaringly clear what was not accomplished. 

Today I had to move some of the list on to Tuesday, which is already a bit overcrowded…so the post is brief, but hopefully speaks to someone out there <3

As I was making notes on my tablet this morning, I needed to write the word paragraph but as always just used the symbol for it. 

Two small parallel lines with a half circle joining them at the top, if you are not familiar. 

I laughed when I saw it, thinking…now where did I learn that symbol when I have trouble remembering so many other things. 

Ah…I know…

I learned it in English class when my teacher took her red pen to my writing. 

Run-on sentences and knowing how to break up a long tale of a story is nothing new for me. 

I learned the symbols for paragraph and indention, where to add a missing word and what needs to be capitalized and removed from my mistakes. 

Turns out I have learned a great deal more from my mistakes than I have from doing things right the first time. 

This summer I am going to the driving range with Russ more and I am learning from my mistakes. 

When I cringe because I hurt someone I love, yet again, trying to be funny instead of being kind…I learn from my mistakes. 

Yesterday I made a tart for the first time and I learned from a couple of mistakes even though I followed the directions meticulously. 

I don’t like making mistakes. I want to do it right and perfectly all the time, the first time. But mistakes remind me that I am human, help me gain compassion for others who are human and reminds me that while God is perfect and in the business of perfecting, He loves imperfect me no matter what. 

Have a good day and if you make a mistake or three today, don’t beat yourself up.

Thank God for His unconditional love and pray you learn the lesson well as you move forward <3

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