I get by with a little help from my friends <3


Why do people like me go to “writer’s conferences”?

Because of people like these.

It takes a certain wiring to be driven to sit down and pen or type out your thoughts and then set them out into the atmosphere both hoping someone will read it and get it…and fearing they will read it and won’t.

The ladies in the picture above are women who understand the drive, the angst, the heart and effort that go into what feels like a calling to show up in a space I rent on the internet and hopefully speak some encouragement into someone’s day.

At best, I aim to make a reader understand they are not alone…and if nothing else they can thank the good Lord they are not me and go on with their bad selves with the rest of their day.

So today I am so very thankful to Shelly D. Templin for sharing my blog on her website.

You can read her kind words here: https://www.shellydtemplin.com/encouragement/a-few-of-my-favorite-things-and-i-think-theyll-become-yours-too-3-journey-onward/

But I also encourage you to sign up for email list (she posts at least a couple times a month. Also Shelly shares her beautiful insights for a ministry called Hope Mommies.

Check that out here: https://hopemommies.org

And she has written a beautiful book of hope and courage about her brother, which you can view and order here: https://www.westbowpress.com/BookStore/BookDetails/726717-Pushing-to-the-Peak

The other ladies in the photo are:

Lisa Wagner who podcasts and writes at https://thewarriorshe.com

Melanie Carlton Brown who manages a fitness ministry locally and provides coaching through Faster Way to Fat Loss. Her website is https://motivatedbymore.net

Amy Elaine Martinez who writes and podcasts through Amy Elaine Ministries https://www.amyelaine.com

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