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Because with me, there is almost always a P.S. <3


We had a full weekend. One of those where I was gone from home most of Saturday and Sunday both. 

Which means I have a full page of things I want to accomplish today and I also want to move slowly because I am a bit tuckered…and that is my excuse for a late posting time today! 

I know last week I posted a two part thought gleaned from the last chapters of Exodus, but as my family will tell you…there is almost always an addendum or P.S. or one more thing comment in conversations with me. 

So today I am sharing one final thought (for now) on Exodus because this morning I moved right on in to Leviticus. Woot!

Going back to Exodus 30, we read about the blending of both the Anointing Oil and the Sacred Incense that would be used in the Tabernacle and on the priests. 

A specific recipe was given for both of these and clear instructions about how they were to be used and applied, but there is also a warning attached to these concoctions. 

In verses 31-33 and 37-38, God commands that no one make a copy of these two blends for personal or other use. 

I am sharing the verses so we can be clear about His wording:

For the oil: 

Tell the Israelites: This will be [My] holy anointing oil throughout your generation. It must not be used for ordinary anointing on a person’s body, and you must not make anything like it using its formula. It is holy and it must be holy to you. Anyone who blends something like it or puts some of it on an unauthorized person must be cut off from his people.

Exodus 30: 31-33 CSB with my capitalization added. 

For the incense:

As for the incense you are to making, you must not take any for yourselves using its formula. It is to be regarded by you as holy – belonging to the LORD. Anyone who makes something like it to smell its fragrance must be cut off from his people.

Exodus 30: 37-38 CSB

I can spend some time meditating on the various aspects of God being holy and set apart and not like us that this passage spells out, but I also have to recognize the unchanging nature of humanity and how very much we can relate to this ancient people and how relevant God’s Word remains in addressing humanity. 

We understand this so well, you and I.

I will just use myself in some examples and if you can’t relate to any of these I pray God will show you today how you are really a lot like me and the Israelites and all the sons and daughters of mankind. 

I hug a friend at church and immediately ask what perfume she is wearing. I love it and I think about it and I either go purchase it or ask for it as a gift. 

I walk past the coffee shop as they are grinding beans or the bakery as the fresh loaves come out of the oven and I go in and buy the drink…or the food.

My friend knits a sweet baby blanket or hat and I want to make one. 

Someone posts a picture of a graphic t-shirt under a flannel top and I am googling Amazon because I have the flannel shirt, but I need the rest of the look.

God knows us. 

We want what we want when we want it. 

The incense and anointing oil for the purpose of honoring Him were going to be good. 

Very good. 

Good to senses…good for the body…and just out of reach. 

Sound familiar?

As I add a small smear of an oil called Blue Tansy to my night cream before bed, I inhale it deeply. There is something about the scent of it that I just love. 

Imagine if God told me that He had set that particular oil aside for only His Holy use and asked me to refrain from using it to help ease my dry areas and plump my sad little wrinkles? 

I would have a bit of a challenge wouldn’t I? 

I would have to intentionally choose to forego something I love just because God asked me to set it apart for Himself. 

And what if the whole reason He was doing this wasn’t because He is selfish and wants all the good stuff for Himself, but rather…He is the best stuff and He is so far above me that I have no idea how wonderful He is and He wants me to want Him more than the shiny things of this world. 

Interesting to think about, isn’t it?

Bless you today as you ponder what God might be revealing to you about Himself and about us in His Word <3

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