I see you Monday and I am ready for you <3


Well it is mighty cold here in the Heartland, but the sun is shining and we have seen it fill the sky for enough days that I feel refreshed. 

We had a good weekend.

On Saturday we attended the most beautiful worship service ever to honor our dear friend Lynn’s life. He would have loved it. It was big and loud and joyful and yet enough room for all of us to break down in tears when we needed to. 

I have to say it was the first time since Covid hit and they closed the doors of the church and then gradually opened them with masks and taped off pews and then eased into the dicey waters of letting each of us do what we are comfortable doing, that I have remembered what it is to fully engage in worshipping through music with the Body of Christ. 

It was a breakthrough in a weary soul and I am so grateful even if the reason we got together was so very hard. Leaving the church, we found icy rain had started and so we navigated the man-truck back to our garage and spent the afternoon napping, watching football and movies and doing a puzzle. 

I believe it was the first time since before Thanksgiving we really just rested ourselves. 

Yesterday we made up for it by tackling our closets.

Russ had told me last week he would need my help organizing and purging his closet. I opened the door to mine and felt the Lord command…Physician, heal thyself….

Mine was a worse mess than his. So I said let’s just work alongside each other and get them both done. 

It was a dusty, cluttered mess and I wanted to quit about every five minutes. But we pressed on and had a few laughs at what we had saved thinking we would need, want or would be asked to lend to someone out of the dubious treasures. 

Three bags and a box are sitting by the back door for a thrift shop run and we made quite a few trips to the garbage can. It was a wonderful thing to open my closet this morning and see the fruit of our labor. 

Unfortunately it has given him the purge bug and now he is making noise about some other areas that we shall move on to…if you give a mouse a cookie, right?

Hope your Monday is starting off on a positive note. 

Hugs and if you need a belt in a size I haven’t been for about five years, those made the cut and are safely stored in a box on my closet shelf…

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