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I’m not sure what you’re saying there….

IMG_4445Well, as I have mentioned we have had an unusual amount of travel this summer and the trips can start to run together…

but the stories just bubble up in my head so here’s one for today.

As Russ was processing our check out in one hotel lobby one early morning of a departure day, I sensed someone had come up behind me so I turned around and there was a lady that appeared to be a tad older than me.

She looked a bit sleepy still, tho she was dressed for the day, and her t-shirt caught my eye because..

well…shiny things and Jesus.


In sparkly sequenced lettering splashed across a black background were the beautifully scripted words…

I love Jesus …

which made me feel all close in connection to her.

But when I smiled into her eyes, I got kind of a hard stare.


So I finished reading the shirt, and it said…

….but I drink a little.


So I looked at her again and I smiled an even more sisterly smile and …



And I have been thinking about the whole thing and to be honest, I have had several thoughts.

I know you all are just sitting there with your coffee waiting on the edge of your seat so here are a few of them…


First, if you are going to wear a t-shirt with sparkly letters declaring your love for Jesus, you need to fix your face and look happy when people smile at you,


He is WORTH it!

Second, why the “but”?

Is it because ….

“I love Jesus, but I do something I think I shouldn’t be doing?”


“I love Jesus, but I think YOU might think that people who do what I do don’t really love Him so….take THAT!”


“I love Jesus, but I also love some other stuff that is equally important, and so I am going to list those things right up there with Him.”

Personally, I just feel like “I Love Jesus” is enough.

Or if you are wordy and have a lot of sequence to bedazzle a shirt with,

you could say…

I love Jesus …


then you could list all the other things that you want people to know about you.

Because I am pretty sure the whole point of loving Jesus is that He covered all of our…wait for it….


(puns might be my love language)

If you feel like you need to explain yourself…

which the last time I checked we don’t have to do because…..

you know….


you might just try living your life by being salt and light and doing everything for the glory of God and let Him be your defense.

Because we all fall short and Jesus paid for all of it….ALL of it <3


And maybe you would realize that you don’t need to justify yourself because,

once again…



YOU have already been justified <3


So if you have one of these t-shirts, don’t get all upset with me and defensive, puh-leeeeze.

But if you do, and you are wearing it out in public; if somebody smiles at you…

smile back for crying out loud!

People who love Jesus should be the happiest people around.

And even if you don’t have one and you love Jesus then….

in the words of the folks in Toontown…

(which by the way I love Jesus AND I do quote random songs and movie lines…)

Smile …darn ya….Smile!




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  1. “I have at home many drawers full of T-shirts that I often wear on those many occasions, and I wouldn’t wear some of them sometime but then again sometimes others I will.

    I’ll stick to my Cotton T-Shirts,
    Keep my cotton pickin’ mouth shut.
    T-shirts say most everything that
    I might want to say.”

    Cotton T-Shirts
    by Kenny Lochner
    Copyright ???? a long time ago…before kids

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