In all things…give thanks <3

Good morning to you on a very rainy Thanksgiving Eve!


Are you already setting about the preparations for Turkey Day?


Are you packing up bags getting ready to travel somewhere?


Are you eating out this year or going to friends who have opened their home to you?

Whatever you are doing, I am sure you are flooded with memories of all kinds of past holidays.

Some make you laugh…some make you cry…some peel a scab off of a wound that just might need a bit more of Holy Spirit air and light to heal.

The older I get, the more I realize that all of this compilation of experiences, both joyful and sad, is the rich tapestry God has woven and continues to weave in this journey He has prepared for me.


I am of the generation when we pulled out the good china…my mom invariably burned the marshmallows on top of the canned sweet potato casserole…we set the table around a centerpiece of taper candles and pilgrim salt and pepper shakers…and jello was considered a real food.

We didn’t know what everybody else’s Thanksgiving looked like.

We just did our thing, blissfully ignorant that people like Joanna Gaines were most likely setting up their table in a rustic barn under an artfully designed chandelier of bay leaves and evergreens.

We ate our pecan and pumpkin pies clueless that one of our neighbors had crafted turkeys out of Oreos and candy corn.

So today…tomorrow…can we just tune out what everybody else is doing…or what we think they are doing.


Can we shut down the little voices that are saying our family isn’t enough and we must have done something wrong because where we are and who we are doesn’t look like we thought it should?

Can we gather with the faces that happen to show up around our table or gratefully sit around someone else’s and breathe in the Grace that brought us to that place and sustains us there?

May the Lord bless each one of us with a thankful heart today…tomorrow…and each and every day that follows until He comes to take us all Home…where we will, only then, truly enjoy the Perfect Feast…with our Perfect Family <3


God bless you all.

I love each one of you and I am so thankful to be connected to you through this communication throughout the year <3

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  1. Thank you for your daily inspirational writings. I always look forward to them to start my day. You and your family have a nice Thanksgiving, Laura. ❤️

  2. I enjoyed the words for today. We can’t let Satan take our peace especially during these chaotic days! Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

    1. Well said dear sister <3 He will try and we must stand on the promise that though, in the life we will have trouble, we can take heart for HE HAS overcome the world <3

  3. I am very thankful I have gotten to know you! You are a blessing to me! Happy Thanksgiving and will be thinking of you and Russ and all those who have an empty chair around the table this year…..

    1. I feel blessed to have gotten to know you as well <3 I am touched by your kind heart and lifted up by your sense of humor. I hope you all also enjoy your Thanksgiving though I know you have an empty chair as well. We know they are in the best place, but we miss them so much <3

  4. I love this, Laura! So true because comparisons only divide us and steal our joy. Let’s never give satan any amunition with which to destroy us and our relationship to God. We have been given much and all of us are richly blessed. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I appreciate and love you!

  5. Blessings upon your family at this thankful time of year. I do cherish memories & still seems weird that I am now the family matriarch. My mom is dearly missed.

    1. I know. We still feel all those ages we used to be and so strange to now be in the place of the older generation. Who knew?

  6. Thank you for your daily inspirational writings. I always look forward to them to start my day. You and your family have a nice Thanksgiving, Laura. ❤️

    1. Thank you for these kind words Janice. You bless me by sharing your spectacular vantage point on God’s beautiful sunsets over our beloved Midwest farmland

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