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In the Father’s arms

Good Monday morning to you <3

This one will be short on photographs because I hope to express a beautiful picture in words alone.

On Saturday we trekked up to see Graham’s last basketball game of the year.

For his age bracket, they break a court into halves and two teams of three play on either end. They lower the basket, and it is a treat to watch them half skip and half run with their arms up in the air or grappling for the ball.

Two dad coaches bob and weave among the melee as they give instruction about passing and shooting and we have seen vast improvement over the season.

It actually resembles a game of basketball now and the progress has been exciting to be a part of.

Until one of the players takes a rebound ball to the nose.

And it happens to be your grandson.

Like happened on Saturday right in front of our eyes.

On impact, three adults on the bleachers heaved forward as one dad coach bent down to one wounded warrior.

And for some tense minutes, as Rachel mouthed the words inquiring if there was blood, Zach spoke encouragement and Graham unsuccessfully fought back tears while his two little arms locked around his daddy’s neck.

Because when you get hit full on in the face with a hard ball…you just want your dad to hold you.

I looked at those little arms holding tightly to Zach and I thought, how like our own selves at times when we are hurting and we grasp onto what we know of God.

How much we long for a real, solid…something we can feel in a tangible way…God.

It’s where we start to stray at times, because we want so desperately to know in our pain that He is really there and we are really holding on to something that is really…well…real.

I believe that is where our faith is proved as gold.

And I love that this God who is our good, good Father…our Coach who also bends down and takes us in His arms…knows and understands what we are made of.

He knows at times we will grab a hold of something, anything, that we can touch, taste and feel that might bring relief…all the while waiting for us to wrap our brokeness around His strength.

Like Zach with Graham, He tenderly encourages us and allows us to cling to Him until we are ready to go back into the game.

I pray today for all who are hurting to truly feel the tangible touch of your loving God.

Not through any other thing or person or false god…but through the Power of the Holy Spirit in those moments when life stings and stinks…you and I would know our God to be as real and as near as Graham’s earthly father was to him on Saturday.

Your little arms wrapped around His big Love.

Today <3

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  1. This family is growing up too fast! Thank you for your blogs. They are always grounded in God’s Word and you bring day to day life experiences to His Light.

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