Inquiring + Listening + Obedience is a good formula <3


There is so much rich material in 1 Samuel, I am going to have to share another thought today. 

In Chapter 23, David is being confronted with conflict at every turn. 

He is fleeing from Saul and his army and hears the Philistines are attacking a city. 

Rather than take matters into his own hands, or decide he has enough trouble dealing with a psychopath who wants him dead, we are told in verse 2 that he “inquired of the Lord.”

He got an answer of affirmation to defend this city, but his troops were not on board. 

So he didn’t discuss it with them further or reason it out with a pros and cons chart, like I would have done probably based on my track record.  

In verse 4 we are told he just inquired of the Lord again. 

Once again the Lord gave him the thumbs up. 

And the very next verse says, and they went. David and his men. 

Obedience implied. 

David’s obedience. 

His men’s obedience. 

The men that were quaking in their boots trying to get away from Saul’s pursuit and the fact that these were the Philistines and they were a bunch of guys who had joined up with David…who had fled Jerusalem without even a sword. (see 1 Samuel 21)

David consults with the Lord a lot and the times he doesn’t are painful for himself, his family and the nation he has been called to lead. 

There are no perfect rulers or governments or leaders or followers or citizens. But it sure does help when individuals at every level respond to the battle at hand by inquiring of the Lord first and foremost. 

It’s better for the individual and the community. 

We can’t answer for those who balk at what God told us to do. 

We can’t bow to the popular vote or opinion. 

It’s a matter of each one of us inquiring of the Lord…and if we are questioned or voted down…inquiring again. And when we are sure, we move forward in obedience with those who will also respond in obedience. 

And we leave the rest to God. 

You and I can only answer for our own part in this process but it will bless many when we follow through <3

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