It might be time….

I have a problem.

They say the first step to recovery is to admit it, right?

This has been in our shower for over 6 weeks, at least.



Yes, it is as empty as it appears. But I got it for Christmas last year from Russ and I love it and I was hoping to get a replacement this year.

But I got these darling refillable bottles of perfume…..



and this big bottle…..



And I love them. Truly.

But they weren’t the replacement for my empty bottle, so for some perverse reason,  I kept…..


because I loved it….and Russ gave it to me … and…. I just have trouble parting with things.

Then I read in a journal last week this long prayer I wrote about how I was struggling adjusting to our children growing up and having lives of their own and where do I fit in and blah, blah, blah…..and that’s exactly a prayer I could write every day….except it was dated 2002!!!!!!!!!!!! And God just kind of said, in that way He has of being blunt with me….

Good grief Laura! (He knows I like puns…) That’s TWELVE years!!!! Don’t you think it’s time to move forward and start living  ADJUSTED to it!! It’s NOT going to change, but YOU can! 

I need a holy thunk in the head many a day.

So today, I moved the empty bottle out of the shower. And as I was photographing all of the above, I realized that big bottle is actually……



My new shower gel has been sitting on my dresser since December 26th. Wow.

Wonder what else I have been missing mourning the fact that I am having trouble adjusting to change…..

Now, I have a new problem.

What to do with……



Blessings to each of you as you Journey Onward….may we know what to hold and what to release in God’s perfect timing <3



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