It was kind of like…

Our church is doing a two part series based on the book of Ezekiel with a focus on how to respond to the chaos around you in a biblical way. 

Not that we can necessarily apply that to the world we live in…she said…words dripping with sarcasm. 


Needless to say, the sermon on Sunday was soaked up by a hungry crowd and thankfully our pastors have provided us a study guide to use during the week to help us get this message activated in our hearts, minds and bodies.

Each morning we have a short passage of the opening chapter of the book of Ezekiel to read and then a couple of questions to get us involved in what we can glean from it.

Whether you have never read Chapter 1 of this book or read it many times, it is a fantastic story of a vision that leaves your head spinning. 

Add to it that this is a vision seen by a man who lived before the age of digital cinematography, live animation, Hollywood costume designers and the internet. 

I am a visual person so when anyone is telling me a story, my mind is putting pictures to their words. 

When I read Ezekiel, I get a brain freeze.

It’s like trying to explain a dream you had…

“It was our house, only it wasn’t. And the living room was like huge…the size of the mall..and we were trying to arrange all this furniture and I went upstairs to the attic…which we don’t have here but in the dream we did…and it was our house…but not…and it went on forever and then I discovered that there was this huge leak….like fountains of water running down into like this cavern….”

Ever been there?

Trying to put words to some mind-blowing thing you saw and don’t have the words or capacity to express?

Today’s question asked when have I seen God’s glory to the degree that it would cause me to fall down in awe. 

As I sat sipping my coffee and pondering this I thought about one of my most recent moments when I saw the breathtaking handiwork of God and felt such a surge of worship rise in me. 

It wasn’t four headed creatures with wheels covered in eyes – I assume God gives us what we can handle and He knows this girl can only do so much for the Kingdom and still get dinner on the table and the bills paid in a timely fashion.

No, my worship inspiring experience happened one morning as I was headed out to work one morning in December.

As I backed out of our driveway, I caught my breath because the entire neighborhood looked like it had been bead-dazzled. 

Every inch of every surface was sparkling like a trillion zillions little diamonds. 

You know me…I jumped out of the car and snapped some pictures.

I could barely breathe I was so taken with the sight of ice feathers and the actual huge crystals that had formed upon other actual huge crystals.

My heart was racing and I kept asking God how on earth He does this. 

I saw Him and His beauty in this incredible work of art and I kept saying how pathetic we are at making beautiful things compared to what He works. 

It was me…falling face down…before the Majestic workmanship of my God. 

My photographs do not do it justice. 

My heart still resounds today in praise of Him and what He is able to do. 

He is beyond my comprehension or explanation or understanding and yet He stoops down and delights me with His wonders. 

So….when was the last time He blew your mind and took your breath away…do tell….please <3

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  1. THIS! I am reading through Ezekiel for the 1st time and thankful for your perspective. Love this so much! You are a gifted writer & a blessing to me!

    Have a wonderful day friend!

    1. Thank you Melanie! You are such a joy and you share so readily with others what God has shown you! Keep it up girl <3

  2. as the Valley Girl would say ,
    “Like” almost every day, and I do recognize it! I meet so many who do not,-so I remind them!

    1. Ha! You found me <3 You are a constant reminder to me of God's faithfulness and character and I know you are a light to so many! You speak the truth in love and I love you for it!!!!

  3. This is a great example of how we can see God in what most would consider ordinary. This happens to me often when I think of how our bodies are created. Or staring at a blood moon lunar eclipse. How did He do that, I ask myself? He’s God.

    1. I saw where you posted pics – and yes! If you saw that moon and said “God did this for my birthday!” You received HIS precious I LOVE YOU <3 So important! And God is so good - I can look at the same moon and say "He gave to me" ... It is for ALL who will receive!

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