It’s about time <3

Good morning to you

I am looking out on a dusting of snow and gathering my thoughts to get pulled together for work and thinking of how brief our time of fall leaves and crisp weather seemed this year. 

You all know I pray and ask God what I should share and then I start typing. Some day I hope to be a real grown up and actually have a plan, but for now…this is what you get. 

Seriously, I have typed four different emails and deleted every one. 

So I am writing a simple thought that is on my heart because that’s what I feel like someone may need today. 

I am behind on so many things right now – emails (968 and counting), text threads, pictures saved to phone, paperwork and notebooks full of ideas to write with no time to write, projects in stacks to finish and start and even though I am determined to not over do, over spend or over think the holidays…I will. 

My mind is running at a record high of thoughts per minute and the hyper organized side of my brain is longing for large pieces of white paper where I can map things out and set priorities and then have time to execute all my great plans. 

But, story of my life, having “enough” time eludes me yet again as we hurtle into a weekend that is rapidly filling up with places we know we are meant to be to show love to the people God has gifted us with on the journey. 

So I am digging back through my journal to the day I read in John 7 about time. 

Ironically, it was the morning of October 31st <3

In reading this chapter I counted … seven…yes…SEVEN….references to time:

Jesus was responding to the taunting of his brothers, who at that point in HIs ministry, did not believe. 

They were urging Him to prove He was who He said and go do big things in Jerusalem. 

His response was to tell them that those who insist on their own schedule and agenda do so to bring honor to themselves. In contrast, He was working to honor God and so He would only speak and act in accordance with God’s leading and guidance. 

And then throughout the rest of Chapter 7 we see these references to “time”

Verse 6 [Jesus said] “The right time has not yet come…for you, at any time is right.”

Verse 8 “for me the right time has not yet come”

Verse 14: Not until halfway through [the feast]…

Verse 30: because His time had not yet come

Verse 33: I am with you only a short time

Verse 37: On the last and greatest day [of the feast]

Verse 39: Up to that time

As I read and reflected on those passages, I thought how often I feel pressured to do, to act, to speak, to respond by some unknown force. In those moments, I can sense the vexation in my soul that I am working out of sync with God’s timing. 

I can contrast that with the times that are God’s timing and how I act, do, speak with a boldness and directness that is soooo not me. 

There is a peace that attends God’s timing. We may feel the rush of decisiveness and surprise ourselves and those who know us with our choice of timing, but if we will lean into God and trust Him to lead us…it will always be the right time for whatever we are led to do. 

And, as always, for those times we are off…there is grace. 

Grace for us…grace for those we think we messed up by our hasty movement or words…grace … abundant grace <3

I pray we all would walk wisely today, seeking His direction for our time here as we…

you know…

journey onward <3

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