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It’s all about the Word

I finished reading in 2 Chronicles this morning. It has been a long read…a lot of ups and downs for God’s people. Mostly downs….as in, downward spirals.

It can become discouraging when one good king is followed by one who did more evil than previous kings. And when you read the evil, it is hard to imagine that it could get more evil, but apparently it did.

The cycle of God’s people turning back only to turn away is disheartening.

But God has given us these Scriptures to teach us that we don’t have to follow the natural pattern of falling away.

By turning to His Word and seeking His face, we see the pattern of returning.

I pray this morning for hearts to return to the LORD. He is so good – so faithful.

In a world that rocks with upheaval and wars, envies and strife, unholiness, ungodliness.. He is the faithful One.

He, too, is grieved by the violence and the sin. He is moved with compassion for those held in bondage, physical and spiritual.

He will not stand by and watch forever the downward spiral of humanity. He will come in righteousness to judge and to bring everlasting Peace.

I urge you today, return to the LORD with your whole heart <3

He is faithful. May we be found faithful in His eyes.

Revival began with people turning to the Scriptures and seeking the Face of God. Revival begins when we humble ourselves to seek Him and when we seek Him, we WILL find Him <3

Bless you today! Bless you as you seek the Lord with all your heart, soul, mind, body and spirit!! <3

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