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It’s always the re-entry that makes or breaks us <3


Wow..it’s Wednesday again. 

This week is flying by. 

On Sunday I listened in to John’s church and the sermon was about Re-entry. https://antiochatx.com/sermons/

He talked about the friction that comes when our expectations do not match up with what we actually experience and he likened the whole thing to a space capsule that burns its way back into the earth’s atmosphere from outer space. 

The friction of the change in molecules in the air around the earth causes a drag and creates heat and he addressed that we are and will be experiencing that as we move from “shelter in place/shutdown” to trying to get things up and running. 

I can relate so well. 

Our daughter returned to work as their practice is now allowing for non-emergency patients again. 

This meant I have returned to watching the Fab 4 when both mom and dad are working. 

I love them beyond words, but it means my schedule is starting to feel the pinch of obligations that call me away from home and things I do around here. 

So again, I recalibrate and move into a different phase of the new normal. 

Russ will be working from home for at least a while…routines I had established the last 8 weeks are now in flux again. 

And I feel the friction of my own resistance to change. 

I drag my feet and the drag causes a heating up of emotions. 

Re-entry also brings the reality of all that has been lost due to the pandemic. 

I cried buckets the other day watching a little friend bedecked in her ballet costume, going through her dance with the background of her family’s home. It was her “Zoom recital” 

I am crying again, just to let you know. Can’t even type the words without tears welling up. 

For her. 

For her parents. 

For her teachers.  

And speaking of teachers, I know some good ones who walked away from their classrooms for the last time this year to either retire or move to a new position by packing up their students stuff and leaving it in piles for a curb side pickup – date to be determined. 

Then there are parents who are passing by ball bags and swim bags and all things summer-planned to go out and play in the driveway for another day because all the pools, fields, playgrounds and zoos are closed indefinitely. 

There are drive by graduations, wedding receptions and funerals on the calendar. 

And I feel the friction. 

The heat of re entering into a reopened world that has drastically changed. 

No country is left unaffected. 

There really isn’t a neat and clear cut ending. 

We just move forward hoping to not overwhelm the health care system, hoping for wisdom and knowledge to prevail in our leaders…wondering if the restaurant we loved to go to on Friday made it through…wondering how long we won’t have schools opened or church to attend or seeing real faces and giving real hugs. 


It hurts. 

Let’s be gentle with each other. 

Travel carefully through the atmosphere and remember…your fellow sojourners are feeling the heat, too. The air they are entering is different than the air  you entering…give them grace and space and time <3

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