Life lessons <3


Good morning! 

I have been launched full scale into going from drive by, outdoor only events on the front lawn and facetime/zoom meetings with our grandchildren to spending full on days with them this week as Rachel headed back to work and ended up having to pick up some days for one of her fellow nurses.

And if there are typos or missing words, can’t help it. Read for sense because they are running around me as we speak. 

This means I have been picking up the last week of “school from home” and trying to get back in the routine of staying on my toes from the minute I arrive until I am back on the highway and headed home. 

Since they have been with their mom 24/7 for sooooooooo many weeks and we have no where to go for a diversion, I have been packing my bag each morning with lots of activities to choose from.

On Tuesday we cleaned pennies with various methods. One of these was to rub the pennies with ketchup and then use a tooth brush with a baking soda/water paste to finish the job. 

Later as I was cleaning up the experiment and trying to fish the next project out of my Mary Poppins carpet bag stashed in a closet while pulling Caroline out of the bathroom sink before she fell off the stool, I heard Graham say something that sealed me to believe the boy just may end up being a preacher or a teacher or a writer. 

I could hear his voice coming from around the corner and strained to catch every word. I even had to ask him to repeat his thought over again when I went up Wednesday because I wanted to make sure I got it right to pass on to you. 

He told me he was thinking about how that tooth brush didn’t do any good without the baking soda paste, but once you dipped it into that goo and started applying, the work became easy and made a difference. He said, you know Lola…it’s like us and God. We are the toothbrush and without God we really can’t get a lot done. But with Him, we can do a lot of good things. 


Yep we can. 

I told him he was going to be my youngest guest blogger on record. But he will get paid the same rate as everyone…including me <3 

Have a good day, little toothbrushes. And don’t forget to go dip yourself liberally in God and apply His wisdom generously before you set out the make the world a better place today <3

And full disclosure I have had two near misses on accidents that could have been bad; currently three are covered in grass clippings and some mud and I am praying the fourth is still on his Zoom class grand finale and not surfing the internet for you tube videos…time to reapply the baking soda of God to this Lola. 


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