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It’s been a while or so it seems…

IMG_8709I feel like it has been weeks since I checked in….

We had Christmas and New Years and then….I went to Nashville with this guy…


where we went to the Ryman and toured the Hermitage…and if you don’t know what that is don’t feel bad…neither did Siri…She kept calling it the “Air-mah-TAJH”…like it was French or something…

But it is actually the home of Andrew Jackson.

Who apparently did more than pose for money.

Because if you had asked me before the tour who he is, I would have said – “I think he was a president and I am pretty sure his face is on the twenty dollar bill”

Early on in our tour, I realized that I must have paid zero attention to American History class, memorizing in short term just enough to pass.

And I passed with honors.

Which is kinda scary.

Not only did I not remember anything about him, I was totally blanking on most of the pivotal history of our country during his life time.

However, as we were driving home, we went through Kentucky to see my sister.

As we passed Mammoth Cave, two thoughts ran through my mind…the first was that they really didn’t work too hard to come up with an imaginative name for this large cave…

and second..the fact I think of every single time I ever hear the word “cave”…

I learned it on a tour of this particular underground wonder of creation.

I was probably about 10 years old and the tour guide briefly extinguished all the lights so we could see what total darkness really looks like.

Then she said if we are ever stuck in a cave, we should keep our eyes shut because the pupils will dilate so large seeking light that this will eventually lead to blindness.

Andrew Jackson and all of the history of this country that some teacher diligently tried to pour into my head is gone…but this factoid…is permanently imbedded.

So useful, too, because the opportunity to be stuck in a cave is such a huge possibility in my life in the past 47 years…

But I do think it is important to always remember…

you can…indeed…be blinded by the dark….

Let’s stay in the Light this year, shall we?


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