It’s in the planting…..<3


Sitting across from our farmer friend, we were asking about the outlook for this year based on so much water standing in the fields already this early spring. 

Someone asked about the new planters that can plant more quickly and he gave his thoughts on it and as he talked, he said something that made me jump up and find a pen and jot down a phrase that spoke wisdom beyond the realm of agriculture. 

He said how it is important to get the spacing and depth right for every seed because if you don’t get the planting right, nothing else matters.

Does that quicken your heart like it does mine? 

Seed planting; whether in the physical or the spiritual…needs the right depth, the right timing, the right spacing. 

A short time after scribbling his words down on a scrap of paper, I read from one of my devotionals about how the season of Lent is a time not only of weeding our spiritual gardens by removing things that distract us from the Main Things of our faith, but also a time of planting seeds of the goodness of God and His work as we head towards Easter. 

As we prepare our hearts by examining them in light of God’s Word, we make fertile soil and we give ourselves time for the seeds to be planted deep.

As we deny ourselves some comforts and take time to meditate and ponder on the teachings we are taking in, we are giving good spacing for those seedlings to take deep root. 

Nothing else we do will matter if we don’t plant well. 

I love the Midwest and the way God speaks to me here through simple teachings of truth.

I love driving by these unturned fields and watching daily for the farmers to begin the process that will yield this year’s harvest. 

Such a visual reminder of what the Lord is doing in my own heart this season of Lent <3

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  1. I miss the Midwest most in the spring and in the fall. I love the planting and the harvest. It always reminds me of how God is at work in the lives of His people.

    1. I would miss it terribly. There are so many beautiful places and I enjoy visiting, but the prairie speaks to my heart <3

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