It’s me again

Happy Monday!

Russ offered to write today’s post but I told him one of us needs to go to work and earn money to take care of the other one, so I sent him off to do that and you all are stuck with me again.

I am slowly moving into writing 2018 and am also contemplating if I want to attempt any goal-setting. I should be over the whole thing by February and will plow through this year pretty much in the same manner I have in the past.

Work. In. Progress.

So for today, here are some randoms because I have an appointment at nine and time’s a’wasting.

  1. Our Christmas trim is coming down in stages. The tree, sans branches (because I set up a lawn bag in the living room and clipped all the needle-dropping branches off before it made it’s exit last Tuesday) is laying out by the curb in hopes the garbage people will take it. Stay tuned.
  2. The rest of the trim is starting to accumulate on the dining room table. That is the holding area before it is moved to the ping pong table in the basement. From there it will eventually be processed back into the infamous green tub warehouse…hopefully after I have pared down some of it for trash and donations. But more likely it will all get shoved back in some fashion when I get tired of the whole things sometime in the next week or three.  The wheels of progress move slowly here. Don’t even ask Russ about how long it takes to get a shirt washed and ironed.
  3. We saw “Darkest Hour” on Saturday and started watching “The Crown” on Netflix yesterday and after two hours of Churchill in a downtown theater plus three episodes that have landed us pre-coronation for Queen Elizabeth, I am craving tea and starting to even think with a British accent. I also am kind of thinking of seeing if Russ would kiss my hand and bow when he comes in after work. Probably not.
  4. I did a test to find out what my “one word” for 2018 should be. It was “Simplify”. I have managed to turn this into the most complicated word study on record. Oh, you WILL be hearing about this. Trust me. And finally….
  5. I saw this quote in my devotions this morning and I think it is just too good not to share:

Be the truest version of who God created you to be.

Be THAT….today and always.       Alia Joy

Wise words.

Be real.

Be genuine.

Be who God created you to be and show up today, right where He has placed you.

And PS….#6….I still haven’t figured out how to number things AND provide spacing…need a tech person desperately.

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