It’s the little things…

We remodeled our bathrooms over the course of last year. And I do mean, the entire course of last year. Even that is generous, because we started in February 2013 and are still waiting for the “finishing touches”.

One of the features we added was a walk in shower. We love it!

So far, I have kept up with the full length glass panels. They are kind of a big deal when they are one wall of your bathroom. But lately, I have been noticing the tell tale signs of soap scum in the rubber thingy on the bottom. (My technologically advanced knowledge of bathrooms would explain why this  remodel was not a DIY)

This morning, with some unexpected extra time, I tackled the runner and track of the….thingy….with great vigor. I used all kinds of brushes and tried to jam cloths up in there to reach this intruding blight.

As a last resort, I decided to see if it would slide off. Duh. Of course it does.

In just a few short minutes at the kitchen sink, with a plain old sponge and dish soap (and a toothpick, of all things) , I have conquered the beast.


Done and done.

Kind of wondering….how hard am I working at other tasks – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – that really could be, oh so much, simpler if I just stopped and applied some common sense.

I guess it’s time to get on track and ….. journey onward <3

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