When seeing is believing

               Your cleansed and obedient life, not your words, will bear witness to what I have done.                                                                                                    Luke 5:14     NKJV

That was one of my memory verses from last year. The great part of memorizing Scripture is that it gets engrained in us and written on our hearts….changing us and the way we think.

I saw a picture of this verse last fall. A friend of ours had knee replacement surgery. We had been praying for her recovery, but I was completely surprised when she showed up fairly soon after the surgery to help at a service project. She looked amazingly healthy.

In response to my exclamations of praise about her appearance, she shared that the rehabilitation had gone well but had been helped along by a new eating plan she and her husband were on. It was outlined in a book written by a doctor. It all sounded like good, common sense stuff and so, of course, I ordered it.

It is a great plan. It involves eating only food that is good for you nutritionally, like vegetables and lean meat. I know. Genius.

Following some sort of plan helps me stay committed, even if the plan is something I already knew.  I feel better and have more energy. I have been taking off some of this middle age spread, and I am nourishing my body in the way God intended.

How does this apply to the Scripture? Well, I did listen to her about the book, but it wasn’t her words that convinced me. It was her healthy countenance, her healthy weight and her abundant energy that had enabled her to not only recuperate but to serve so soon after a surgery.

It was her transformed and obedient life that convinced me this was a good way to change my bad eating habits.

In the same way, it is my obedient and changed life in the Word that really speaks and convinces people that this God I serve is all that I say I believe He is!

Be blessed as you live in obedience. Be blessed as you become transformed. Be blessed as your changed life bears witness to what the Lord has done in YOU!!!!

Now, go eat your veggies!

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