July Book Review and one Movie…. <3

Hey all!

Full disclosure, I came so close to finishing three books this month.

I have 138 pages left of the first in three series of Lord of the Rings. I am counting it. I haven’t managed to read this many pages in a long time so we are calling it almost done.

I love it. I have dog-eared a few pages so I can write down the quotes that just jumped off the page and…oh yes…I will be sharing some of those with you another day. Have no doubts about that.

The Bright Hope is a sweet four week devotion that I did daily in the month of July. It is written by one of the Hope Mommy founders – more about the organization tomorrow.

The other book, Try Softer, was read as a book club selection for our women’s ministry at church. It was so good so plan on hearing more about that on Wednesday.

(Do I sound like I am hurrying? I am…life changes rapidly around here and I am off to a new development in our home so this is just a quick intro to the week’s postings on these great books)

And finally…I absolutely begged Russ to take me to see Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris. He owed me one for all the Die Hard’s and other adventure movies I have sat on the edge of my seat for.

It was magnifique!

Truly a celebration of the best of humanity – loyalty, friendship, integrity, fairness, kindness, all of it. And the scenery, actors, costuming was perfection.

I understand it is possibly geared toward grabbing a girlfriend and going to see, but I am so glad he was sitting next to me. I literally gasped with emotion several times and was overcome with good tears.

I hope you can see it with someone you love.

Blessings and more tomorrow!

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