When Bright Hope is forged in the fire of adversity <3


My friend Shelly, whom you may remember from the writer’s conference in Colorado last fall and her own wonderful posts found at Chuckles in the Chaos/Shelly D. Templin and wrote “Lani’s Icky Habit”, is also involved in a beautiful ministry called Hope Mommies. (all links at bottom of post!)

Hope Mommies is a community that offers support to families who have experienced infant loss. There are blog posts, devotionals, support and resources to help families through a grief process that really lasts a lifetime.

The devotion I read: Bright Hope, was written by Erin Cushman. Erin is the founder of Hope Mommies and herself, a mom who lost a daughter a few days after giving birth.

This devotional follows a 7 day pattern for four weeks. The first five days of each week elaborate on that week’s theme. The four themes are:





Then each Day 6 has a hymn to meditate on and Day 7 asks you to review the week and answer basic questions about what stood out to you from the devotions, scriptures, hymns and a takeaway verse.

While I have not lost a child to death before I even got to take him or her home, I have known loss and grief.

Erin’s gentle words were balm to places where sorrow still casts shadows.

It also is a reminder to me to pray for so many dear friends who have buried a child either before they had a chance to even hold that little one or far too young to have to say good bye to that precious life here on planet earth.

I do recommend this little devotional that packs a lot of healing between so few pages to anyone and especially if you have someone who has lost a child and is grieving.

Here are the promised links and as always, I do not get anything for you purchases. These are just to help you find excellent resources to encourage you on your journey.

Shelly’s website: https://www.shellydtemplin.com/blog/

Lani’s Icky Habit: https://www.amazon.com/Lanis-Icky-Habit-Shelly-Templin/dp/1736083805

Hope Mommies: https://hopemommies.org

Bright Hope: https://hopemommies.org/brighthope

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