Just a thought in the midst of the haze <3


Yesterday I had an early morning appointment. As I was driving out of our area, I glanced to the right to check for traffic and stopped to gaze at the strangest sight. Off to the east and just above the level of my eye looking down the road was a huge orange ball in the sky. It looked like the moon at that time of day but enormous. I called Russ and he told me it was the sun. 

Don’t laugh. Please. The man has been patient with me for so many decades and he never laughs at me so you can’t either.

He assured me it does look like that in the first moments of sunrise. He also agreed it was strange to have it still looking like that so high in the sky. It was fascinating to me.

We found out last night it is because of the smoky haze drifting our way from the wildfires out west. This morning, just as was predicted on the news, the sun hid a long time behind a haze of smoke. 

To think the smoke has drifted this far across the country and we are experiencing just a remnant of the reality our fellow countrymen and women are dealing with is humbling. It is a tangible reminder that in all of our differences and conflicts, the weather and the seasons fall on each of us the same. 

Another story on the news last night showed all manner of people working side by side to pile sandbags in preparation for yet another hurricane hitting the shores of our southern states. We are divided on many issues, some are hills worth dying on and some are just selfish and petty. 

In this year of 2020 when we have been afraid to ask how things could get worse, because they sure as heck have, we have such an opportunity to come alongside others and help. We can still hold fast to our beliefs about God and we can still be strong in our convictions about sin, but we can also apply that old cliche of the church – it is better to be righteous than right. 

Our prayers and our efforts to bring help and healing to others avail much in all seasons. Let’s not fail in this one to do what we know God has called us to do. 


Blessings to each of you wherever you are. 

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