Just a check in and catch up from the weekend <3


We are in that lovely transition between summer and fall where the high heat is hopefully a memory. Fall is probably my favorite season when it plays nice; and it is doing so in the Midwest for right now. However for all of that; a friend captured my thoughts recently in her status post on Facebook.

She said they were having such a lovely weekend camping with family and yet, for all the blessings she was soaking in, she was also aware of the struggles and pain of so many far and near.

I get that. While we were thankful for a weekend full of family and friends, some rain on Saturday that was much needed and then sunny mild temps on Sunday; our hearts go out to the many who are dealing with emotional, physical, social and mental struggles.

It is a tightrope we walk between compassion for others and being thankful for our current setting. Then at other times, we balance facing our own challenges and heartache with rejoicing for others who are experiencing a bountiful season. Such is the journey of life.

So for today, I am simply sharing some of the pictures and thoughts from what our weekend looked like. I hope some make you laugh and bring a smile. I hope you are finding joy and peace in this season. I hope your are being refreshed when needed and that you are returning to the battle when you can.

And without further ado…


I noticed this guy on our miniature herb garden as we were heading in from the patio Saturday night. Someone guessed a monarch and after googling, I have to agree. We debated catching and letting the Fab 4 watch it do its thing, but I decided it deserves to be free. Maybe we will see it in transformed nature sometime soon.

Sunday morning I woke up with what I felt certain was a new world record for bed head.

I was right.


I had Russ document it on my phone and was laughing uncontrollably as I sent it out to the kids. Things like this need to be shared. Not bragging, mind you. It’s just hard to keep greatness to yourself.

Just when I thought I could stop laughing from my giggling fit, I get this from John…


Which was immediately followed by this from Sarah:


These kept me laughing at random moments throughout the morning, which made me thankful we now wear masks to church. It would have been inappropriate for me to bust out laughing there and worse if I tried to explain why.

So I safely social distance behind my mask but with this happy turn of events…


our good friends made their first visit back to regular services and since they are basically family, we got to sit together.

Little side note here…sitting in a pew with people I love is one of the many reasons I have enjoyed going to church since I was a child. As our children have grown up and moved away and we have lost parents and that whole generation, it has been a gift to me to sit with these friends on Sundays.

Twists and turns over the years can leave some wounds, but sitting shoulder to shoulder with those who have walked through gains and losses of all kinds brings a kind a healing to the soul. Words don’t have to be said when some tears slide down the cheek in the middle of a worship song. Just a gentle hand that pats the back or rests for a minute on the arm says all that needs to be said.

The fellowship of believers is something I appreciate more each year. The logging of days that lead to years that lead to decades are a treasure moth and rust can not destroy. And for this I am so very grateful. It was wonderful to sit together again and take notes from the teaching and join in communion side by side. If you are still worshipping at home these days, do what is comfortable and best for your health…but when it is safe, please come back. The Body is meant to be together.

After church we celebrated with brunch at a favorite local place…outside, of course…


Then it was straight to the soccer fields to watch our favorites play…


and snack…


I love how they give their mom so much room to move and be comfortable…oh my gosh…

After the games we got some pizza…


and just wondering, is anyone else hoping these restaurants invest in outdoor heaters so we can just eat outside year round???

Then it was home and some reading before we called it a day. Unfortunately I must have peaked, literally, on hair art because my bedhead this morning was just mediocre at best.


One and done.

Well, I hope your week is off to a good start and that you had some smiles from the weekend.

Blessings and I will see you tomorrow <3

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