Just an observation…

A pretty picture to start with because the rest of this won’t be.

It’s not really a theological study….so don’t think I spent a lot of time researching this but I know there is a reference in Scripture that calls Satan the “Lord of the Flies” and I think it is just a perfect name for him.

Because somehow over the weekend we let several in through the sliding door and multiple trips in and out by numerous people and sometimes..as in often…the door was left ajar.

So for the last few days we have been plagued (pun intended) by about four flies.

We thought there were only two so either they started a family or were tag-teaming us.

To add insult to injury, I managed to let one in the car yesterday as well so I have had a lot of life application for what I am about to say.

These creatures are evil and satanic in nature.

And they operate in his M.O.

They interrupt my work and my rest by causing irritating distractions….

I tried to take a nap on Sunday and one persistently landed on my arm causing me to swat at myself every time I dozed off.

They target any work I attempt to do…

and consistently land in places that are extremely impossible to effectively nail them with a swatter…

i.e….on the sliver thin edge of my computer screen…

on the lip or lid of any breakable piece of china…

literally on the flat surface of the swatting instrument itself.

And forget trying to set them free or cast them out or whatever you want to call it.

In the car or in the house, if I attempt to open an exit for them when they are perched right next to the window or door…the moment I offer them escape…they disappear in the direct opposite direction and hide deep in the recesses of OUR SPACE.

I find I am irritated, distracted, edgy, and increasingly violent.

yet quite relieved when I have eliminated one or more of them.

And I do believe that is why I have been thinking a lot about the tell-tale signs of my own battles with the devil.

While I know he rules principalities and powers of darkness, for the most part he wreaks havoc on me with the same ploys as these little minions….






and like the little critter who sits rubbing his front legs together planning his next attack on my sanity…

the way to crush Satan is with the written Word <3

Blessings on you dear ones…I hope I made you laugh and think a little…and now please excuse me…we have one more tiny visitor that needs to meet its maker <3

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