Just some sillies because it’s a long week <3


Did I tell you it was a busy week? 

Yesterday I had an appointment for a regular checkup and another for the chiropractor. Add into that we had company in the form of busy little bodies and their tired mom while the carpets that were cleaned were drying in their home and let me tell you…it was a full day. 

But as I was driving, waiting or making a couple of stops to try and start some Christmas shopping I sort of made some mental notes about how much has changed in the past eight months. 

Besides the obvious, I was thinking kind of silly things so since I am off to yet another full day, here they are. Would love to sit over a nice cup of coffee, six feet apart of course, and hear what you have been musing about in our new world order. 

pc/Sarah Vie <3

First there is the hand sanitizer and Clorox wipes initiative.

Because I distinctly remember reading several articles warning about these two items in the not so distant past of pre-pandemic life.

One had to do with the use of hand sanitizer and how our children were at risk because they were so “clean” they were not being exposed to things that would help build immunities. I also want to say that we warned excessive use of these might be harmful for us…

Then the thing about the Clorox wipes had to do with the way we use them ineffectively and how you have to wipe a surface for a rather long period of time with cloths that are wet in order to kill germs.

Pretty sure if we have a large number of people wearing their mask either under the nose or under the chin we can assume the wipe protocol is not being strictly adhered to in most places. 

Now don’t get upset with me.

I understand it’s our best defense available since we can’t wash our hands every minute or two with soap and water…I am just tongue and cheek here musing over our turn arounds. The daily life of the pandemic has turned things upside down and sometimes it’s good to put it into perspective…even in a humorous way if possible.


Because my second one is the way we were all being urged to use green bags for shopping. Some groceries had completely eliminated the use of bags at the register. You either bought one of their reusable bags, or you carried armloads of groceries out to your car.

I know this from personal experience on a visit to our son in Texas. We all three were grasping groceries and heading to car because he had forgotten to bring his bags in. 

Now the check out people double and triple bag single items like the plastic bag was where they got their profit. The pile of bags in our garage is looking like the Michelin Tire Man’s baby and I would take them to recycle but the bins at the market are overflowing. 

I cringe thinking of the landfill. Add to that the enormous amounts of styrofoam containers bringing our take out orders to American homes and stacks upon stacks of cups for hot and cold beverages. Whatever happened to paper straws I do not know because plastic is king right now.

In addition to all of these changes, another that is so turned around is appointments for health care. It used to be they wanted you there at least fifteen minutes early. We would sit in crowded rooms reading magazines and waiting.

Now for all my appointments I am asked to not be there before the scheduled time and wait in my car until they tell me I can come in. 

For someone who is ALWAYS taking it to the wire on time, this is a blessed turn of events that I hope we never change. 

The last one I am thinking of at the moment has to do with my new perception of what is acceptable socially.

We will be watching a game and a commercial break will advertise some movie or show that is coming up. As I look at the characters on the screen moving about their office of a party without a mask, obviously not social distanced and laughing and talking in each other’s faces I gasp. 

What are they thinking??? 

Oh yea. 

That’s how we used to live. 


What have you noticed?

Let me know <3

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  1. You know what I noticed? Christmas catalog with mask “gifts.” Who wants a mask drying rack for Christmas? Or a pretty mask lanyard? Not me!

    1. OH my gosh…so true. And the plethora of masks available to order and reviews on them.. if only we could come up with a vaccine as quickly as manufacturers have come up with new masks!!!

  2. When I take time to thank the butcher, a cashier, or bagger by name their eyes dart up and look surprised to be noticed as real people hidden behind the mask.

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