Just some thoughts that nobody probably wants to hear…but hey…when did that ever stop me?


I usually steer clear of the hot topic of the moment type posts because so many people are speaking into things sometimes that one more voice and opinion is really not needed. 

But occasionally one stirs so deeply in my spirit and brings me so much soul searching, my opinion is what is on my heart as I sit down to write and thus…it is part of my journey and that is why I choose to share some of my thoughts on a day when I see many comments flying about on social media following Super Bowl Sunday. 

So here are my additions to the conversation for what they are worth. These are not all of my thoughts and they are kind of all spilling out, so read with grace and please know I am not trying to pick a fight with anyone. 

As always…this is not meant to stir up dialogue or controversy. 

It’s just me…as if you offered me a penny for my thoughts…only you get to keep the penny. 

Win. Win. 

<3 The Super Bowl half time show has been a phenomenon I haven’t understood for so many years that I can’t really fake being surprised anymore. In fact, the year of the “wardrobe malfunction” I kind of found it humorous that everyone was so up at arms…like the whole show had been so wholesome right up to that point. 

<3 It is so loud and chaotic, I can’t understand a word anyone is saying and I find all the motion exhausting. The lights and crowd surrounding the stage make me want to crawl into a dimly lit room and pull a blanket over my head. I am so out of the loop on pop music I haven’t known who the artists are for years and I could not tell you a week after it is over who performed the most recent one.

<3 As far as I knew until recent years, the half-time show fell under the category of entertainment. Period. 

Which brings me to why I am posting today. 

I think my deepest concern is the way this 15 minute show is so extravagant and seems to have become some kind of platform to promote ideologies and causes. And we are all just getting sucked into the swirl of controversy it promotes. 

Last night was a big deal when the performers were announced because they are two Latina women. I understand the importance of this and I applaud the thought behind it. 

However, I am unfamiliar with either of these women’s music and whatever talent they have beyond well shaped bodies that they are able to move in rather enticing ways for an extended period of time whilst belting out songs and playing a guitar…I don’t know because I couldn’t understand any of it. 

Since I watch very little television, I am not desensitized to provocative dancing and thus I was looking away a lot because I was cringing thinking of little boys and girls watching this. I would have to guess that if a 5th grade girl decided to practice her moves on the playground today, she may get sent to the office. 


Maybe not. 

My major concern is that all of this was under the guise of empowerment of women. 

I am going to have to surmise that no male executive watching the half time show last night walked away musing on how he can show more respect to the women in his office this week as a result of it. 

It makes me grateful for all the talented and wonderful and strong women I know who work so hard at their jobs and careers…in their homes and communities with no fanfare and no applause and no hype. 

And my prayer today is that these are role models for our daughters as they watch them faithfully show up every day in the real world. 

Bless you all.

Keep your conversations holy and upright. 

Engage in the good fights…not the cat fights. 

Journey Onward <3

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  1. Thank you! So well said! Seems the moves went along with women being used instead of empowered. My short opinion.

    1. agree. I get a ton of spam emails on this website every week. They are all offering me photos of girls and women. The market for sex is not empowering. It is abusive and degrading. But it makes money so it gets promoted. So sad.

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