Lead with kindness no matter what


Happy Friday!

I have so many thoughts and feelings going on in me with the events of this past week that I was praying for what to share and God did that thing with me that He does. He dumped a little story right in my lap a few minutes ago. 

I am at work and one of our sweet lady customers is the source of my thoughts to share.

She is one of the most gentle and considerate of women and is always so polite when she comes in. As she entered today, she asked if there was anyone in the store. No, just us. She said she is trying to be very careful and would have to leave if others came in. She quickly gathered the few things she came for just as two new customers walked in.

I asked if she wanted to step outside and I would complete her purchase and bring to her but she said no, it was okay. She was obviously trying to stay away from me and them and she kept apologizing for being silly. Finally she explained she cares for her elderly mother and her young granddaughter and she is trying to make sure she doesn’t expose these two vulnerable loved ones to the virus. 

Why does she have to feel she is being foolish by being careful? I told her repeatedly she is not being silly, and she isn’t. Even though I do not go to the level of precaution she is taking, I wanted to validate her concern as genuine and important. 

She is so kind and I am sure somewhere along this past few months has been made to feel she is wrong to wear her mask and avoid contact with people. How have we come to this place? 

Some are being cautious, some are not. Some think the whole thing is ridiculous, some are deeply concerned. I have my thoughts and yet, I want to respect all who are thoughtfully…please note…thoughtfully doing what is best for themselves and those they love. 

Caution should be respected instead of ridiculed. It may not be fear that motivates someone but love for others. 

We as Christians should be encouraging and supporting one another rather than dismissing someone because we have differentiations in our viewpoint. 

Let all that we do and say be first motivated by love for the one to or about whom we are speaking.. I know I need to remember this in other areas as well as the one I saw today. 

God bless each of you. We will get through this with God and together. Let’s let the world be loud and noisy and opinionated while we follow His example of meekness, humility and compassion. 

Remember …. “They” (the world) will know we are Christians by our love. 

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