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Learning to rest as we …. go


This week,  I have been exploring my thoughts about a sermon series our church is doing called, “As you go…”. It is about being open to share our faith through the daily living out of our lives in all our relationships and wherever God has placed us. Because I have been blessed to travel away from my local community on mission trips, I have been sharing some pictures and lessons learned that I can apply to living “on mission” every single day.

These writings that I send out each week by email and the daily posts on the website, are part of that. They are a way for me to give testimony to the grace God has shown to me through His Son. When you consider what a colossal project I am for Him, based on the raw material He has to work with..IMG_2262

and His mercy on this blonde girl whose feet are prone to wander…it would be a waste not to use it to proclaim how awesome is our God!

And to make you all laugh…cause I do love to make you laugh…IMG_0416sharing my life with you is sharing God with you because what I am is His workmanship.

This month, I am planning to take an even bigger leap of faith with writing. For this new challenge, I asked for prayer in a letter in which I outlined steps I was taking to write a book proposal. I sent the request out this week to a circle of family and friends, much as I have sent letters before any mission trip I have taken, asking for prayer support.

As I shared what God was laying on my heart to write and how I would go about it plus the opportunity He has given me to present it to a publisher in July; I wrote these words of surrender for the whole process…. “The rest is in God’s hands.”IMG_9101

My cousin was a recipient of the letter and responded with affirmation he would pray, but also pointed out the double meaning there…not just the “rest” of what would play out…but my REST is in God’s hands…my settling myself in the peace of knowing who He is. To release all anxiety, worry, fear, doubt, procrastination and whatever else is churning in my stomach over this labor of love INTO God’s hands.

That’s a good word for all of us right now. In the midst of much turmoil and chaos swirling around us…of many people expressing their thoughts and opinions…of angry voices…mocking voices…a frenzy of words…I suggest that you find your peace and solace; your REST in THE WORD.

There is no peace apart from the Cross. Be reconciled to God through Christ and then…take up YOUR cross…and journey onward <3


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