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Relating as we go…

As we go…as the times unfold…as we set our hearts to consider the cost and make the commitment to intentionally share what Christ has done for us, we can default to human nature and forget…we are not converting people to a religion…we are walking and talking the Good News of Jesus Christ so that others will want a relationship with Him through salvation and discipleship to His teachings.

2010 09 04_0564

We, who follow Christ, know what we were before He saved us. We drink deeply now of His living water and we desire what He desires…for all to come to Him. 2010 09 04_0534

We are sharing Christ and what He has done for us, in us, with us and through us.

We are making disciples because we are disciples. 2010 09 04_0624

When I traveled to Kenya, it was under the ministry umbrella of CMF. They work with the local church leaders there to provide support for their work in their own community.

Just like every day life here, we were surrounded by believers and we were surrounded by unbelievers.

Because of the language barrier, cultural differences and the fact that I am the same goof-ball no matter where you plop me down in the world…I didn’t have theological discussions or debates on points of Scripture or anything that remotely looked like I was sharing the gospel and making disciples.

I just visited and met and received and gave..

I was an ambassador for Christ, just as I am every day of my life…


And I met people…like…2010 09 03_0686Sane (Sah-nay)….who after this selfie told me he knows how to make people too…not like Frankentstein…don’t worry….he meant he could operate the camera…

2010 09 03_0685

Imagine my joy on my next visit when, I found him and reconnected with him at his new home…IMG_3361

Then there was Helen, who came up to me after the church service on my first visit and said, “So….you are a friend of Dori (our CMF leader and yes, long-time friend)”

She was obviously sizing me up….and then with dignity told me…”I am a friend of Dori, too.”2010 09 03_0680

I must have passed the test because, when I returned two years later, she was waiting for me … with a gift


I can’t explain what made me know I was called to go the first time or the second time to Kenya.

I don’t even know what impact I had, if any, on anyone there.


I know going changed ME…I know that even though I spent such a short time with them and I may never see them again on this earth, they are my brothers and sisters and I will spend eternity with them.

And I know I was obedient to the call…even if I can’t explain it.

I can’t explain why it burns in my heart for others to know the Truth; to experience the love and forgiveness I have not deserved and yet have received.

I can’t explain why my heart aches for those who reject Him and why it matters so much to me that all come to salvation…except that when I exchanged my dead end life for His eternal one…His desires became mine…and that is what He wants.

And I want to be obedient…even if I can’t explain it and mostly don’t even feel particularly good at it.

Everywhere I walk, I take the living Hope of the World with me.

Christ in me, shared openly and honestly, in my every day life will speak of the Gospel and His teachings. As my heart and mind are filled with His truth, my words will speak the Gospel and His teachings.

For those who know Him, this will be encouragement…for those who don’t, then I pray they see Jesus in me.

With a sense of urgency….and a pursuit of relationship….I share Him….2010 09 04_0582as I go….


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