Like dew from heaven <3

Tumwater Falls in Olympia

We have certainly been having some lovely weather this week here in the prairie lands. Cooler temps and lower humidity have made it so nice and we are quite thankful. I have enjoyed having morning quiet ime out on the patio this summer and especially this week when at times I had to step inside and get a jacket.

We have heat and humidity headed our way and we surely will not escape August and September without a fair share of it all, but as Russ always reminds me…corn needs the heat and humidity so we need to be thankful for that too.

This morning Russ was going for a bike ride so I threw off the sleepies and joined him. The sun was just coming up and as we rode there was almost like a low-lying cloud over the fields around our area. Some patches of grassy expanses had fog hovering thickly over them.,

I looked it up and this mist is due to the warm days and cool nights of summer. A type of condensation forms and according to the page I read, it helps bring moisture to the plants which is especially important during times of low rainfall and drought. The article also mentioned that with climate changes, this type of dew/moisture/fog is increasingly important. (www.neonscience.org – not recommending the resource necessarily – just noting it)

How like God to care for His creation in the quiet of the morning hours. He has designed the earth to be renewed and sustained, even in its fallen state. He makes provision for health and healing in the midst of our struggles and infirmities. He is kind and He is good. Wise and loving. 

In Scripture the references to dew are as coming from heaven. They are associated with life and blessing. When the dew was withheld it was a sign of discipline and a call to repentance. 

We are living in a time of much controversy. There are many voices that are shouting and there is much to discourage the soul and lead us to doubt God’s goodness. I urge you to step away from the constant intake of information from the world and let God’s “dew” fall on you. 

We are to be in the world but not of the world. John 15:19. We are not to be conformed to the ways of this world either. Romans 12:2

We are to be active in the world but we are called to be active in a way that is different than the methods used by those who love this world. We aren’t called to sit soaking in dew all day. When the sun comes up, the dew clears and those plants and fields do their thing on the energy received by that life-giving moisture. 

Here is a hint.

If you are full of angst and worry, if you feel like everything is hopeless and you have lost your joy; chances are good you are not letting the dew of heaven fall on you to refresh you.

Don’t dry out.

Don’t dehydrate.

The world needs the Living Water that flowed into you from your time with Jesus to splash out over them. Be dew seekers. Be holy water splashers. 


For fun today, look up references to dew in a commentary and even read about the physical benefits and science of dew. Prayerfully ask God to fall gently on your dry places and refresh your spirit and soul. Then pray for others to receive this renewal over their drought-ridden souls. 

Go out into the world knowing who you are and who you belong to so that you can minister from a full heart. 

Blessings on you …. Like dew from heaven; may blessings fall on you and yours <3

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