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I think it is spring, right? Although this week I have seen people go from flip flops to thermal jackets…sigh…gotta love the Midwest.

Russ and I have been planning on being more intentional about getting some golf in when the weather finally settles into … unbearable heat and humidity. We like to go in the evening after work.

It’s kind of a mercy thing for Russ. Since we can’t play once it starts to get dark, he is spared what seems like an eternity of mulligans.

I marveled watching the Masters Tournament a few weekends ago. Those golfers teeing off between that long, thick gallery of spectators. Like a human “Wall of Jericho” lining the tee box. So intimidating to me.

Can I tell you…when I am teeing off, if there is anyone in the vicinity I get so nervous that I either leave a divot that could potentially be a new sand trap or flub the ball about two feet away, on a good day….

But I am not a golfer.

I am someone who occasionally golfs.

The guys at the Masters are golfers. They have spent hours and days and years training, studying, playing, watching and, basically, living golf.

We will excel in the things into which we put our time and energy.

I want to make sure that I am investing myself in efforts that line up with God’s purpose for my life, don’t you?

The disciplines we practice, the pursuits that we spend our time, gifts, talents and resources on are the things we will be known for.

From time to time…we want to see if we are up to….par….so…

What are you mastering?

Because that will be what masters you.



May God bless each of you as you dedicate your lives to His …. course <3

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